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The Steel Mercenary
A thief masquerading as an honorable duelist, The Steel Mercenary fights with his foes at the time they are weakest. His arsenal of magical equipment grows bigger with every unwary legend he kills.
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The Chitinous Knight
From an unknown race of massive insects, The Chitinous Knight uses his primal agility and immense frame to overpower any who challenge him. He is designed for combat, and relishes in any opportunity to take part in it.
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UPDATED: 18/01/2017
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Bicep Armor 3D Model
Zbrush sculpted armor in obj anh ztl formats.
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Damaged IronMan
This is a non symmetric sculpture, I just posed zsphered and sculpted as raw as I could. Im releasing this model free to use as you like but watch the License this model is not made to be sold as digital nor printed.
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UPDATED: 21/01/2017
Stylized viking modular model Parts: -head -torso -shoulders -gloves -trousers -misc
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Samurai Armor Red Sanada Clan 3D Model
Modeled to scale with named parts, materials, textures, with parts of the armor grouped with groups named. Render Layers included for wireframe, beauty pass, and ambient occlusion. Rendered in Maya 2013 Mental Ray.Lights, cameras, global illumination includedDownloaded Product includes the following:- Sword - (textured)- Short Sword - (textured...
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Pangolin Bot
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UPDATED: 20/01/2017
Swat Unit
LowPoly Swat officer, 3,520 tris.
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Heavy Mechanized Assault Armor System MK9  [WIP]
HMAAS MK9, a type of power armor, inspired by armors seen in Fullmetal Alchemist and Fallout series. I am planning to make this almost completely hollow to allow camera shots from inside.
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