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Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy Cosplay Gear
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy cosplay gear.Elbow guards and earrings. From: [1][1]
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Teen Titans Go Characters
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Fan Art for the animated television show Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network [1]Made these for my friend and his son, they love the show. Printed in black and painted.Two versions of each, plain (stick magnetic tape on...
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Diorama...Cabina Tren Toradora
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UPDATED: 19/02/2017
Thank you so much for the opportunity to share more about this model and my work in the Art Spotlight blog! It’s an honor to be featured in staff picks, and even more so to be given the chance to write a blog entry. Read it here: more realistic version of Miyazaki’s character...
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Yoko Littner - Young
Fanwork of Young Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann.
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Fantasy RPG Game Character- Connor
An Original Character designed by me for my Final project in Block 03 of The DAVE School Gaming program course. I sculpted the Hi-Res model in ZBrush and did the re-topo in MODO. Textures were all done in photoshop with a mix of hand painting and photo editing (cloth and leather) This is the first Model I’ve ever uploaded to anywhere on the...
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Canine Model (3D)
Practicing canine anatomy. Might upload some more later. <3Social Media:Instagram: Ikea.dogeTwitter: MangoCoyoteI don’t have a DeviantArt yet //sobs//
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UPDATED: 12/02/2017
fan Art for anime “Kaichou wa Maid-sama!”
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Dog Head Model
Might have this 3D printed, I love how this turned out!! <3
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Miku miku 3D Model
anime girl
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