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Screwless,Filament Dust Filter - Fish Shaped
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A Fish Shape Filament Dust filter. For Your boltz Megatiete or any other 3D printer.Attach two m6 to 4mm pneumatic fittings on both sides and any leftover ptfe tubing for ease.or use without anythingUse v2.0 And Scale it to 1/100 . as object is scaled to 100 times.just...
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2 Colors Fractopolis
A 2 colors design for dual extruders 3D Printers.(Zip file contains 2 STL files)Size: 153x148x172mm3D print it with colors of your choice in PLA/ABS etc.For those of you with 1 extruder 3d printer, you can 3D Print just Part A which is a beautiful Fractal design with Voronoi.
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Challenging Complex Volume-Cells Designs
Challenging Complex Volume-Cells shapes inspired by the new Metal jetting 3D printer xjet3d.com [1]*Neuron Cells style – Icosahedron**Chunks of Volume-Voronoi**Mayan Style – Voronoi Dodecahedron**License*   -----------------------------------------------------------------   .. Free Design by Dizingof is licensed under the Creative Commons -...
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Mini filament spool and earring carousel stand
This 3D-printable design combines a decorative miniature 3D printer filament spool, and a turning carousel stand for hanging earrings.Tools used for this project:- The CAD software: Autodesk Fusion 360- The 3D-printing slicer: Simplify3D- The 3D-printer: Flashforge DreamerVIDEOhttps://youtu.be/nLSLbnqQjcQBy http://Creative-Tools.com
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Holiday Prusa Mendel
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Final update: I have uploaded the source scad and DXF files, and an archive with all the STLs, including the improved ones by nicholasclewis (thank you!). I lost some of the source files for the first models by accident, and the bunny idler was not made in OpenSCAD, and...
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MakerBeam 10cm prototype
======== SUMMARY =============================================================These are MakeBeam 10cm prototype .STL files that have been run through "Magics 14 64bit" to remove all kinds of errors and make play nice with the majority of 3D printers throughout the world... (courtesy of Materialise)I've included a 254mm (10")...
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Hunchback Bowden Extruder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================See how I am going to include the HunchBack Bowden Extruder into the WIP 3D printer I am designing at Sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/LPP7 [1]>I need an extruder that would comply with the following requirements:>> * has a wider foot and most probably will fasten to...
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Raspberry Pi Cam Holder for Printers
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The Cam is tight fitted into the cam holder. Balljoint is fitted too.Screw it into place with an M8 screw or what you want ;)This is printed in PETG. ABS and PLA should work fine too!The Ball is screwed into the CamHolder with a M3 screw and a nut.======== PRINT SETTINGS...
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Customizable Reuleaux Solids
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Customizable Reuleaux Triangle, Tetrahedron and Solid of revolution. The picture shows the standard Reuleaux triangle used as a keyring.You can customize features such as: size, side thickness, height etc.The Reuleaux triangle is unique - it is the simplest shape of...
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Extra Long Auto Bed Leveling Arm for 9g Servo
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Holes are for zip ties.======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Rafts: * Doesn't Matter*Supports: * Doesn't Matter*Resolution: * .2mm*Infill: * 30%
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