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GLASS DOOR with glass, lock and hinger. Free 3D model
GLASS DOOR with glass, lock and hinger. free 3D model
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8mm Shaft to Hex Adapter 3D model
This is an adapter to connect an 8mm shaft to a 12mm hex
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GLASS DOOR Free 3D model
12MM THK. GLASS DOOR- 3D door, very detail, smooth edge with glass, lock and hinger.3d wording door with smooth edge. Best for your interior scenes.
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OMT² - Hex Spanners - Metric - 6mm to 17mm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================/The imperial version will be released soon, follow me to be notified when it's available/*Specs :*1/4"(6.35mm) Hex compatibleTolerance : 0.500mm*Description :*Set of the 12 most commonly used Spanners (in mm)Compatible with any standard bit holder and/or OMT²...
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Clamp for 12mm linear rail
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A simple clamp for 12mm Rod or linear rails, basically the same dimensions as the aluminium one available on aliexpress apart from a different clamping method.There are two versions, one with fixed mounting holes and one with slotted holes for adjustment======== PRINT...
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12MM linear rail/rod clamp bolt sleeve  M4 bolt in 5mm diameter hole
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a combination adapter sleeve and washer for fitting a M4 bolt snugly in the 12MM rod mounts available from aliexpress.These can be used with http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1257251 [1] to fit the aluminium 12mm linear rail rod clamp.======== PRINT SETTINGS...
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12mm Dice Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I was browsing Thingiverse earlier this week and came across the D6 Token by runswithscssors [1] and thought this would be great for Warhammer gaming.The group I play with all use 12mm Chessex dice not only for rolling each turn but for marking wounds on units and for...
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12mm Prop Wrench
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A wrench to tighten and loosen 12mm prop nuts.I designed it so you can twist. I have also added tiny holes that are solid when printed, but add a core of strength to the corners of the hex nut.I made this because I didn't want to pull a single wrench out of my tool...
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Dual Extruder Mount -  E3D V6 & V5 /OR J Head
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A dual extruder mounting system for a Bowden feed tube setup on a Prusa i3 with multiple versions: * One with an 8mm Z offset (*V2*). * One without any offset (*V4*). * One with a 6.5mm Z offset (*V5*).The clamp will securely hold any of the groove mount extruders (16mm/...
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Turnigy Talon 12mm Frame Support by CR 3D print model
Notised that Talons frame was not strong enough.Heres a little something to support the frame :)Fly and Enjoy!www.3dcr.fi
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