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Cube 10mm Free 3D model
Cube 10mm free 3D model
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Munition Collection 3D model
Munition - 54740 TrianglesPolygonalSubdivison (0-2)
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Capacitor 10mm Free 3D model
Capacitor 10mm free 3D model
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UPDATED: 20/01/2017
10mm Cannon
======== SUMMARY =============================================================10mm Cannon with a 10mm munition and a Blackpowder charger.======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Resolution: * 0.15mm or -*Infill: * 100%*Notes: *PLEASE print at 100%
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Universal Spool Holder Makerbot Octave ToyBuilderLabs Filament R
I added in No Support Spool Holder which is now my recommended print. Generated support has come a long way and this now prints better that way. I also added a little reinforcement to keep the piece from breaking when in use. Still recommend 75%-100% infillV5 minor modifications to improve printing. Reinforced legs on the ToyBuilder and Makerbot...
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OMT² - Hex Spanners - Metric - 6mm to 17mm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================/The imperial version will be released soon, follow me to be notified when it's available/*Specs :*1/4"(6.35mm) Hex compatibleTolerance : 0.500mm*Description :*Set of the 12 most commonly used Spanners (in mm)Compatible with any standard bit holder and/or OMT²...
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CTC - Side SpoolHolder - with some features.
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is an easy to mount and fast to Print Spool holder.I was looking for an easy to install spoolholder that doesn't harm the filament transport and fits any kind of Spools (for example: Small FlexiSmart spools- Picture 4)The result was that i maked this one. Its...
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Parametric Prusa/Mendelmax Z Screw Isolator - M8 - 10MM
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Same part as created by llluis, but made in OpenSCAD for easy configuration and adjustments => M8 threaded rod, but 10mm smooth rod======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Same as original part
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10x2 Flange Mount LeadScrew Supernut
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This hasn't been tested yet, but it is a MTS Flange Mount Supernut, a Delrin style Lead Nut, LeadScrew Nut, Trapezoidal, Triangular, etc.This is designed to be a plastic replacement for the Lulzbot Mini, but any 3D printer with a 10mm Leadscrew w/ a 2mm pitch should...
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Filament Stand - The Eye
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A filament stand that holds up to 10mm rods and multiple filament spools. The centre of the Inner Diameter is at 12cm above the base, meaning you'll be fine using this with up to any spool up to 24cm in diameter/No screw/mounts holes are included as I just want to...
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