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Foldable CsGo buttefly knife (m3)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Butterfly knife now foldableall you need is 4 m3 bolts to complete it.
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Improved Butterfly Knife From CS:GO
======== SUMMARY =============================================================An improved version of the foldable butterfly knife by Boamartin: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:666519 [1]. Since Boamartin's was all wiggly when you had it out I fixed it by adding the missing tang pin.I used 4 m3 bolts longer than 20 mm and 4 m3 locking nuts. I...
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New Dark Repulser Sword Multi Print Ready
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a updated sword based upon thing:399131. I've sliced up thesword into 6 different parts to make it easy to print. I've also addedconnection holes for pins on each part. These holes are used for align-ment and I've include a "Pins .stl...
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Survival & Hunting knife
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Survival and hunting knife.
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Gladio Romano
======== SUMMARY =============================================================it's a 3d Replica of the orgininal Galdio Romano of the Ancient RomeThe size of the blade is about 40 cmIt's Strenght enought to engage a real battle!! XDXDthe File Impungatura is a netfab fixed version of the Grip of this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:...
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Heaven Sword
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a model of the Heaven Sword from the Chinese Drama Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre which can be used as a letter opener.Simply print the model twice, add some colour and glue the halves together. For more details and pics on how I printed it with a Solidoodle 2...
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Survival Knife V2
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Let me know if your gonna print it! Have fun!
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UPDATED: 10/02/2017
Long Sword
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A long sword made from ash wood. Children love it.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================SchneideHilfCuts.tap is a manually edited GCode file. It helps to work out the blade with chisel and belt sander.I used a 1/8 inch cutter.
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CS:GO Karambit Crimson Web Factory New - STL,STEP / IGES,Autodesk Inventor,Autodesk Inventor - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD
I started with an STL i downloaded of the karambit, and then i edited it into 3 parts so you can print the middle out of metal if you want, and the left and right halves of the handle out of something else like plastic if you want. I included the crimson web texture, as well.UPDATE: i also included an eightfold (8x8 crimson web texture squares...
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Survival Knife
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Just messing around in sketchup. Would be cool if someone actually printed this :)
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