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Single-Perimeter Rocket Plane for Se...
Remixed from Single-Perimeter Rocket. The only difference in print settings between this and the Rocket design is that I printed this example with .4mm layer height instead of .5mm. Don't let the gnarly-looking polygons on the rendering of the fuselage worry you too much - the final print looks way smoother than the rendering does.Update:...
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Single-Perimeter Rocket for Seamless...
This rocket is roughly similar to a V2 design, but with a single perimeter that allows you to use the spiral vase option in Slic3r to eliminate the seams. mechgby wonmi seo3DsMAX2013
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Redneck Rocket
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Print parts. Eat Pringles. Launch rocket.You'll need:1 can of Pringles, eaten1 "D" Estes Rocket motor, not eaten1 garbage bag (for parachute)stringfuse to ignite motor (to keep things redneck-ian)-Instruction included in .pdf-It does fly https://www....
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24mm Model Rocket (Estes D motor)
======== SUMMARY ============================================================= [1]*/ USE NO LESS THAN 5 BODY TUBES TO ENSURE STABLE FLIGHT /*This is my design for a 24mm rocket, modeled around an Estes D motor.I've flown two of them (see video), and they both went so high I could not recover them even with 36 inch...
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Parametric Model Rocket Fin Alignment Tool
======== SUMMARY =============================================================If you build model rockets you will probably know that aligning the fins on your rocket can be a fiddly task. From measuring up the tube, to mounting the fins at right angles to the body, mistakes can lead to a rocket that does not fly quite true.I looked at the...
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Ariane40 Champagen Bottle Rocket
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The Champagne Bottle Rocket is a fun gift that I created for the 40th birthday of our friend Ariane. Congratulations agian!To fire the first stage of this rocket, ignite the wax engines (aka candels) and sing happy brirthday.To deploy the secound stage, release the...
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UPDATED: 15/02/2017
Toy Rocket
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Simple toy rocket model I built up. Great looking sitting on your desk and I imagine kids could play with it as well.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Make sure to print with brim or a raft in order to ensure the fins don'...
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Tintin rocket from Herge's "Objectif Lune" and "On a marché sur la lune" from 1953-54
======== SUMMARY =============================================================My version of the legendary Tintin rocket from Herge's 'Explorers on the Moon' from 1972. No support needed(!) Suggested layer height: 0.125mm and retraction: 5-6mm. Printet at 'Ultimaker Original' 60mm/sek. Flip over the white parts so you also...
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Helo model Rocket & Launch Pad (Estes Style)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This Item is still a work in progress. Need to figure out how to add hinges to make the rocket lets flip out. Help requested!How many times did you lose that model rocket you spent hours on as a kid? Stuck in a tree or on top of your neighbor's roof that was alway...
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TTB-MRLP - Model Rocket Launch Pad
A 3D printed model rocket launch pad built to last! With an adjustable leg for leveling and/or aiming your rocket into the wind. Designed for use with standard 1/8" or 3/16" (Maxi) sized rod for fun with ALL sized rockets. The Main leg needs printed 2x and only 1x of the other pieces for a complete launch pad.
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