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Halo/Tron inspired Ring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================See my new ring at [1]Want this printed in metal? Get yours printed through Shapeways here [2]-------- FIND YOUR SIZE: HTTP://WWW.RINGSIZES.CO/ [3] ------------------------Love to hear...
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Green Lantern Ring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================It's a power ring that makes green stuff.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================-Measure finger-resize fingerhole in the ring (maybe whole ring?)-printTake the oath:In brightest day, in blackest night,No evil shall escape my...
Category: JEWELRY / Ring
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Regular bracelet
======== SUMMARY =============================================================We've decided to discontinue several bracelets from our Cell Cycle collection to make way for new designs. This is one of those designs. I've uploaded it in three sizes:small - inner diameter: 2.3in, inner circumference: 7.2inmedium - inner diameter: 2.5in,...
Category: JEWELRY / Bracelet
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FORMA - Napkin Ring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================3D printed Napkin Rings with a faceted geometry pattern from our FORMA collection.A perfect addition to any dinner table!Share: #SimplusDesignSay hi: [email protected] [1] /* */We hope you enjoy!Simplus Design [2]
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Pentagonal Hexacontahedron Bracelet
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This bracelet is formed from a ring of irregular pentagons taken from the center of a Pentagonal Hexacontahedron. So not only do you get a fancy bracelet, you also get to sound all fancy when you tell people what it is.STL files are included for small and large versions...
Category: JEWELRY / Bracelet
Tags: geekmath
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Dual Extrusion Green Lantern Ring
I thought this might be nice in a dual extrusion, wasn’t a tough job really to cut out.
Category: JEWELRY / Ring
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Mayan Lotus Flower
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Inspired by the legendary Mayan civilization, this pendant represents the story of Nicté-Há (Lotus Flower), the daughter of the Mayan Sacred Stone’s guardian who died in Prince’s Chacdziedzib (Red Bird) arms. The myth goes on and says that the damsel was returned to this...
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Heart Pendant
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a heart shaped pendant, the one in the picture is made on a Form 1.--> Edit 03-26-2014: I added a model with some support beams. hope they help with printing on an FDM machine. <----> Edit 09-28-2014: I replaced the version with support beams, I have...
Category: JEWELRY / Pendant
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Feather Earrings
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Feather Earrings. Has a loop for the necessary bits.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================100% Infill0.1 Layer Height1 Shell - Could possibly get away with 2.
Category: JEWELRY / Earring
Tags: feather
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Celtic Cross Necklace/Tree Ornament/Jewelry Piece
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a Celtic Cross that can be used as a tree ornament, jewelry, or anything really as it has a small hoop at the top..edit: 10/12/2014 - Something I noticed in the makes is that the round orb in the middle is missing which is odd. I never had that issue when I...
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