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Julia Vase #004 - Bloom
Julia #004 - BloomPart of the Julia Vase collection.
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
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WAVE 01|02|03|04
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Final shapes of 3D printed vases by FDM (FFF) technology. Printed on demand in any color available on the market.Development of a product by 3D printing. Result of continuous development and study of desktop 3D printing by FDM (FFF) technology. Development trying to...
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Double Twisted Vase
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I wanted to create a vase of my own. I like the twisted vases but I wanted to make something special. So I came up with the idea to make a double twisted vase. There are two the same parts, both twisted 90 degrees. The one twisted left, the other right. Then the file was...
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Twisted Heart Vase
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Another heart, another vase, but with a twist.Give something presented in this "thing" and offer your heart forever(ish).Watch my twisted heart change colour : [1]Good for Valentines. [2]http://www.facebook....
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Julia Vase #002 - Yin Yang
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Full color 3d printing in brilliant black and white! ;-)The dual extrusion counterpart to Julia Vase #002 - Flow.This version includes a vertex coloring texture based on the original fractal phase.I have updated and uploaded two versions:One for full color printers (PLY)...
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
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Propellor Vase
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A swirly vase that has been described as "beautiful" by all and sundry.If you're thinking about printing this, you will want to read the instructions beforehand. (They're there - you know - for you... not for me!)Print files for this Thing are now...
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
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Customizable Rippled Organic Vase
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Yet another customizable vase thing. The basic profile is generated by a Bezier curve while the ripples in the surface are generated by three trigonometric functions (one, applied to the radius at each angle to generate ridges; two, optionally applied to the orientation...
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Dandelion Vase
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I modelled this vase as a single wall test for some upgrades to our Replicator 2X.Hardware UpgradesUniversal 3in1 Extruder Upgrade - Replicator 1 / Replicator 2 / Replicator 2X by DHeadrick [1]AluCarriage Dual by Rev2 by...
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
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UPDATED: 05/02/2017
Art Vase 3
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a sculptural experiment, it could be a lampshade, container or sculpture. It is a single shell ready to print.
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(Yet Another) Twisted Lamp / Vase
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Sexy little lamp/vase if I do say so myself. Pics taken with a little LED tea light inside.1/26/13 - Currently available for sale at the 3DEA/Openhouse Gallery in NYC along with several of my other designs (and more awesome objects by others)! If you want one, don'...
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