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UPDATED: 16/01/2017
Vase approximate measurements:99 x 99 x 150 mm.
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
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UPDATED: 09/01/2017
Twist vase
This shape of this vase, was generated by rotating the original curve for 270°. With its dimensions is perfect for every kind of flower. Print settings- .20 mm layer height- 2 shells- 20% infill
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UPDATED: 21/12/2016
Ripple vase
Textured all over with bumps. Suits “vase” printing, no fill, few bottom layers and single perimeter layer. Print in clear or translucent for best effects
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
Tags: ARTVase
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Parametric Vase
Parametric Vase
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
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Low Poly Vase
Low Poly Vase
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
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UPDATED: 25/12/2016
Hearts Vase
Hearts Vase. romantic gift .tin and fast to print
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
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Like Vase 3D Model
Beautiful vase in a particular shape.... *LIKE ICON*Ideal for your home or office decoration.KIDS WILL LOVE IT.-it can be used as a pen holder.-Great Gift.-If you need a different size, just use the OBJ file and export it again with the dimensions you want.*Enjoy :)*
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Cone Vase 3D print model
All the files are in either .dae, .stl or.x3d format which are 3d printable.You can download files and modify size as your wish.Please go through all the other models from us.Any suggestions , modifications or error reports are accepted.
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Stylized Vase 3D print model
Stylized Vase
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