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UPDATED: 20/02/2017
Dog Bowl
Dog Bowl
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mini bird house
The size of this bird house is 100mmx70mmx100mmHave fun,by Samuel
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Simple Pet tag
A Simple Pet, Simply ask if you would like your pets  info on one.
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Single Chamber Pet Bowl
Another bowl for the hungry animals in your life.  Unlike the previous this one is hollow, making it quicker and cheaper to print, but it's only a single chamber design so only one food at a time!
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Small Pet Bowl
For the hungry pets in your life!  Made to the size for a cat but can also be used for small dogs and any pet of around that size
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Hedgehog Play Ball
I didn't actually know it was possible to have a hedgehog for a pet until I was asked to create a playball for a hedgehog.  My solution to this was to create a ball with lots of slots so it's little nose could get in an hoik it across a table or wherever it is.  Should be good for other pets too!  (Hopefully will help distract my...
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Dry Petfood Scoop
Made so it's the right size for my cat's foodbowl, so I don't end up overfeeding the greedy little sod!  Also useful for sand, sweets and anything else that's small and light and needs shovelling.
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UPDATED: 13/02/2017
3D Modeled and 3D Printed CAT ARMOR for my cool cat, Bobo. See behind the scenes video here: [1][1]
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Cool Birdhouse
This is a double shell, solar-vented cool birdhouse, printable in one piece. Your chicks will thank you!There is a drain at the bottom and a ring of ventilation holes at the bottom and top of the inner shell, and another ring of slots and holes at the bottom and top of the outer shell. Any sunlight on the outer shell sets up a convection cycle...
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Bird feeder for PET Boottle, Bird House
Vogelhäuschen for PET Bottles with hopper for bottling
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