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Tea Light Holder or Oil Diffuser Dodecahedron 3D print model
Tea Light Holder/Oil Diffuser with shape of dodecahedron, for a modern home environment. You can use it with perfumed tea light or adding the container for the oil (you can see it in white in the picture) as essential oil diffuser. The container for the oil find at this link:
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GENIE candle holder
The iconic oil lamp from the stories of One Thousand and One Nights – a detailed and lovely candle holder. Please be careful using tealight candles. We recommend IKEA LED candles (as shown in picture).
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Triskelion tealight holder
I think I got the name right this time :)Simple triskelion design with clean lines, part of a collection of triskelion-inspired designes that will include jewelry, and decor objects.
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Bicycle Candle Holder 3D print model
nice bicycle used as a Candle Holder.
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蠟燭台 Candle Holders
Through a simple shape to design this candleholders, may be placed on the table and put candles, so eat more romanticatmosphere, usually useless when the decorations can be placed so that thespace will not be too monotonous.
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Portable Switch Off Candle 20mm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================-------- 20MM PORTABLE SWITCH OFF CANDLE IF YOU LOVE IT, PLEASE SHARE...THANKS -------------------------------find more about my design: [1][1]
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Sci-Fi Candle Holder
I wanted to try making something ornate, so since I seem to be going through a bit of candles phase right now I decided yet another candle holder was in order. Let me know if you're getting tired of these and I'll have a crack at something else. Suggestions always welcome :) This is in the style of 60s classic Sci-Fi series, such as Star...
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candle-holder-2 3D print model
Using a simple design, i want to demonstrate an innovative approach to how a candle holder can be designed using additive manufacturing. The geometry of "candle-holder-2" could not be manufactured using traditional methods.
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holder for candle 3D print model
holder for candle designed in SOLIDWORKS
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