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Spine Candle Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a spinal column tea light holder. My wife asked me for a candle similar to one seen in the fourth Harry Potter movie, so I modified a free skeleton model into this candle holder. I have sliced it to fit on my Thing-O-Matic platform and print without raft or...
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Cronos (TeaLight Holder)
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Spider's Web LED Candle holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================OK, last Halloween thing today....A LED Candle holder for Halloween parties / doorsteps / windows to go with the Candy bowl and the coasters..This is a single perimeter red TGlase No roof, no fill print..*Only a complete idiot would put a real candle in this and burn the...
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Table Light Voronoi
I had seen some of the designs by and they looked really good but I had a different type of tea light that I wanted to put inside but the internal gap didn't allow that sized light. So I figured out how to do voronoi (texture? mesh?) and made my own, this is the first one that I've made and I really like how it turned...
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Candle Holder - STL - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD
Candle Holder for 3D Printshow Challenge.
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Hex Tea Light Holder
Imagine the night filled with a soft glow beaming from specially placed tea lights. The character of light surely defines how a space feels, and with portable, dependable, light-weight holders, you can create just the right balance and touch to suit your mood.Design uses minimal material by carving out the inside of the holder. I have also...
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40 mm Hex LED Candle Holder - Dual Extrusion
Here's a Dual Extrusion 40 mm High, 40 mm bore, Hex LED Candle Holder:To combine the files to extrude on a single extruder hold down the shif key and click Center & Arrange, this will merge the files.I used one of those cheap LED imitation flame candles, just to show effect :-)Could be heaps better with a straight out LED
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Xmas Tealight candle holder inspired on the traditional Italian Christmas sweet (Pandoro).Recommendations:Printing Resolution: 100 MicronsPrinting Speed: 35 mm/s
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UPDATED: 22/02/2017
Candle case
Just a nice looking candle case, or a vase if you want. Is a nice design object. Enjoy.
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Ball Candle Holder
I saw largeish ball candles in Asda the other day and thought this would be a nice holder for them.  The flame doesn't come into contact with the plastic at all so there's no danger of melting
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