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Portable Switch Off Candle 20mm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================-------- 20MM PORTABLE SWITCH OFF CANDLE IF YOU LOVE IT, PLEASE SHARE...THANKS -------------------------------find more about my design: [1][1]
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Tea Light Holder or Oil Diffuser Dodecahedron 3D print model
Tea Light Holder/Oil Diffuser with shape of dodecahedron, for a modern home environment. You can use it with perfumed tea light or adding the container for the oil (you can see it in white in the picture) as essential oil diffuser. The container for the oil find at this link:
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UPDATED: 21/02/2017
Tea Light
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This tea light holder is styled like a "Glassy Baby." Be sure that your candle is centered so it doesn't burn the sides.For Best Results:Thickest layers possible...0.3mmTransparent Filament...I'm using Transparent XT from colorfabCredit Note: I do not...
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======== SUMMARY =============================================================PORTA CANDELA ARCHITETTONICO STUPENDO IN PIETRA SABBIATASe volete farli stampare direttamente da noi scegliendo materiali e colori:Ecco il link dove trovarci per stampare oggetto. [1][1]
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Erlman: The Strong Man Candle Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Erlman is probably the strongest 3D printed man ever made ... not really. However he is strong enough to hold up your candle while still looking fabulous. Simple design, Easy to print and even easier to use, Erlman is happy to hold your tealight any time and any day.
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Spider's Web LED Candle holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================OK, last Halloween thing today....A LED Candle holder for Halloween parties / doorsteps / windows to go with the Candy bowl and the coasters..This is a single perimeter red TGlase No roof, no fill print..*Only a complete idiot would put a real candle in this and burn the...
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Spine Candle Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a spinal column tea light holder. My wife asked me for a candle similar to one seen in the fourth Harry Potter movie, so I modified a free skeleton model into this candle holder. I have sliced it to fit on my Thing-O-Matic platform and print without raft or...
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Voronoi tealight candle holder
This is a voronoi inspired tea light holder, which creates fun and ambient lighting for any room. The abstract, honeycomb-like structure creates patterns that travel across your walls .
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Halloween Pumpkin - Candle Holder
Embrace the Halloween season with this decorative halloween tea light holder.
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