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Classic Elegant Bed 3D model
Classic Elegant Bed 3D model
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Calligaris Lazy Armchair 3D model
High quality 3D model of a Calligaris Lazy Armchair 1310 done in 3DS Max, quads only, materials and textures applied. Rendered in KeyShot 5, scene not included.
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Chaise Longue 3D Model
3D subdivision model of the famous 'Chaise Lounge' by Le Corbusier.The original model counts 26438 polygons and 25934 vertcices, respectively 93126 and 93964 with Nurms iteration 2 applied. Apply the meshsmooth in case you need really close renderings like in the preview thumbnails. Lot of details like scraps. Vray materials and textures...
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蠟燭台 Candle Holders
Through a simple shape to design this candleholders, may be placed on the table and put candles, so eat more romanticatmosphere, usually useless when the decorations can be placed so that thespace will not be too monotonous.
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Star Cookie Cutter
Or it could be a Shuriken.  Ninja cookies; would that work?  Then you'd have to make sure they didn't shin up your guttering and assassinate the neighbours.....Ignore me, I've had a lot of coffee this morning....
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Sci-Fi Candle Holder
I wanted to try making something ornate, so since I seem to be going through a bit of candles phase right now I decided yet another candle holder was in order. Let me know if you're getting tired of these and I'll have a crack at something else. Suggestions always welcome :) This is in the style of 60s classic Sci-Fi series, such as Star...
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UPDATED: 20/02/2017
Vase approximate measurements:99 x 99 x 150 mm.
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Vase
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Bob - The Alien Robolamp
I have to hold my hands up and admit that I am a massive fan of Ikea, as I've already stated. I've used the Ramsta lighting unit before (the Pushlight, also featured in my store) but this time I thought I'd get a little more artistic about it. And thus Bob was born! You can print the sections in different colours (as shown in the...
Category: HOUSE & GARDEN / Lamp
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Triskelion tealight holder
I think I got the name right this time :)Simple triskelion design with clean lines, part of a collection of triskelion-inspired designes that will include jewelry, and decor objects.
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Thanksgiving – turkey napkin holder
Our Thanksgiving collection – celebrate the holiday with our Thanksgiving-themed party decorations and accessories for this colorful harvest season.
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