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Kitchen tap 3D model
BLANCO CULINA-S kitchen tap,hi detailed model.Created within c4d. , ready to fill you scenesPreview rendered with V-ray, materials are v-ray ready.
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Bath Jacob delafon Escale 3D model
Bath Jacob delafon. Escalemax2011FBXUnwrap
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Bathroom Shower Base 3D model
Bathroom Shower Base 3D model
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Classic Elegant Bed 3D model
Classic Elegant Bed 3D model
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Stylish family home sofa design 23 3D model
Every detail looks realistic and creates great architectural visualisations. If the model is missing chinese name map files please try install chinese languages:Control Panel -> Date, Time, Language and Regional Options -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages --> Install files for East Asian Languages ->Advanced -> Language...
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Calligaris Lazy Armchair 3D model
High quality 3D model of a Calligaris Lazy Armchair 1310 done in 3DS Max, quads only, materials and textures applied. Rendered in KeyShot 5, scene not included.
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Chaise Longue 3D Model
3D subdivision model of the famous 'Chaise Lounge' by Le Corbusier.The original model counts 26438 polygons and 25934 vertcices, respectively 93126 and 93964 with Nurms iteration 2 applied. Apply the meshsmooth in case you need really close renderings like in the preview thumbnails. Lot of details like scraps. Vray materials and textures...
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蠟燭台 Candle Holders
Through a simple shape to design this candleholders, may be placed on the table and put candles, so eat more romanticatmosphere, usually useless when the decorations can be placed so that thespace will not be too monotonous.
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Corbett Rockstar Pendant 16 3D model
Pendant Corbett Rockstar with natural agate16 lampsSize 831*831*1194 mm
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Star Cookie Cutter
Or it could be a Shuriken.  Ninja cookies; would that work?  Then you'd have to make sure they didn't shin up your guttering and assassinate the neighbours.....Ignore me, I've had a lot of coffee this morning....
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