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Guitar Keychain
Don not forget to scale the length to 80 mm and lay flat on the platform. Layer Height is 0.15 to 0.3 mm, whatever you wish and 100% Fill. 
Category: GADGETS / Keychain
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Anarchy sign - keychain
no need any word to this
Category: GADGETS / Keychain
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Dirt Force Motorcycles Key Chain
 This was my first ever 3D printed item. It's a cool keychain using the logo for my motorcycle side business, Dirt Force motorcycles. The loop on the end was added so you can twirl your keys around your finger, it works and feels awesome!The model was made with Solidworks and rendered with PV360 and keyshot. The images show the actually model...
Category: GADGETS / Keychain
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The Celtic Knot Keychain
A beautiful Irish cetic knot keychain.
Category: GADGETS / Keychain
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GEEK keychains
Three Keychains for geeks
Category: GADGETS / Keychain
Tags: geek
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Bentley Full Metal Keychain 3D print model
Bentley Full Metal KeychainSilver -9.14 gram
Category: GADGETS / Keychain
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velentine keychain 3D print model
velentine keychain 'love'
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ALEX printable keychain 3D print model
Alex. Print for keychain or bag tag or just to impress someone.
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BETH Keyring printable 3D print model
BETH Keyring, Bag Tag. Print from STL file. Cube etc.
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BRIAN Keychai printable 3D print model
BRIAN Keychain or Bag Tag. Download STL and print
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