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Gyroscopic Snowflake
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Q: What do you get if you cross a snowflake with a gimbal?A: A gyroscopic snowflake!It actually works!Can there be any better Christmas decoration?There are three variants:-small , (Gimbal snowflake star small.STL)-medium (Gimbal snowflake star.STL) and-big (Gimbal...
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Christmas snowflake decoration
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Well, its a snowflake decoration!======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Print it. Hang on tree.
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UPDATED: 25/02/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A Christmas tree decoration...======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Print it.Put cotton through the top hole.Hang it up.Have festive fun...
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Koch Snowflakes
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Koch snowflakes are created by successively extending the sides of a triangle. I found a very nice description of the Koch method and a fortran program that was used to calculate all the examples given below at:
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Yet Another Gyroscopic Christmas Ornament
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A new inspiration for my christmas tree.*UPDATE 2015-12-06:* Fixed an error on *ornament_02.stl*.*UPDATE 2015-11-20:* Added a new version *ornament_02.stl* with reduced (0.2 mm) clearance in the joints, instead of 0.4 mm in *ornament.stl*.
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Shadowflake / Snowflake
======== SUMMARY =============================================================First, you see one snowflake.Then you will see an other one.And then you realize, that one of them isn't actually there!If snowflakes within snowflakes (flakeception?) are a thing you are into, then check out my other snowflake thing: Gyroscopic Snowflakehttp://www....
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Merry Christmas Professor Koch!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A Christmas tree made of Koch Snowflakes (iteration 3).======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================To print out the tree, print the following files:1to2Tree.stl.3to7Tree.stltreeTrunk.stlMy Cura settings are in the JPEG. I used 20% fill....
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Snowflake Tree Ornament
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Snowflake Tree Ornament for your Xmass tree and/or gifts.Source is Rhino 3D format (version 3.0).Initially I haven't printed this out due to storm tossing the boat around that night. But hearing that we're likely to have a supply of PLA soon in the US I felt...
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3D Christmas Cookie Cutters
======== SUMMARY =============================================================These are a set of cookie cutters that can be used to create 3D sugar cookies that assemble together. There are cutters for a tree, a star, a reindeer, a sleigh, and a snowflake. Check out the instructions for how to make these awesome cookies. Definitely a great way...
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Parametric Snowflake Ornament
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I wanted to tryout making parametric designs in openscad, and liked this; [1]But I needed an stl to process in skeinforge and work with my repstrap. I have almost recreated it in openscad. There are some differences in design but...
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