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Christmas bird.
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Christmas bird.3D printed quilling.======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer: * Prusa i3*Rafts: * Doesn't Matter*Supports: * Doesn't Matter*Infill: * 0,15*Notes: *Use the glue.
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Simple Christmas Ornaments
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Four ornaments based on two of DI McCooey's polyhedra: a cubohemiocatahedron - - [1] - and a octahemioctahedron - [2]. The two polyhedra share a set of 12...
Category: GADGETS / Christmas
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My little Christmas tree
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is my little Christmas tree.You can choose his face.It makes a cute present,And best of all, it's free!======== POST-PRINTING =======================================================
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Snowflake 8 sides
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Snowflake 8 sides
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UPDATED: 27/01/2017
Snow Bro
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Here is a snow man I designed last year. Modeled in Autodesk Fusion360.
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3D Holiday Tree: Decoration and Ornament
Simple to print holiday tree ornament or free-standing decoration with stand.Full Story on
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Christmas ball xmas
Choose your sizeand merry christmas Licence CC - Attribution - Non commercial - No derivatives
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Day 1: The candy
The next day she part at the Christmas market present these candy canes. She quickly achieved great success: customers were coming in large numbers! For their part, the children did not see any guests arrive. Intrigued by what was going on, they decided to follow the crowd, and that's where they found their mother on a stand with customers...
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Person Bank - Santa
Series of Person BankElf: [1]Cowboy: [2]Mickey: [3]Duck: [4]Hip Hop: [5][1][2] https://cults3d....
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christmas lights
Shade 3D Professtional ver.15.1.1Afinia H480 (ABS)
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