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Deer Bike Rack
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I made this with a CNC milling machine. Out of Multiplex wood. All pieces slot together with no glue.You can also cut out the parts with a jig saw or scroll saw.I recommend a CNC milling machine for better precision.The material is 12mm multiplex wood.Have you fabricated...
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Bicycle Chain Guard
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Replacement chain guard for a Tern folding bicycle, or any with a hole pattern of 5 M6 holes at 180mm diameter. The bicycle shop quoted $20 and a week for this part, but this one comes to $2 or less in filament. Print in two colors or more and it will pop.Puzzle-fits...
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Ping Pong Ball Holder and Extention
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Vertical Ping Pong Ball Holder and a stack-able extension to make it as long as you want.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================I would orient this part to lay flat on its back side for printing. I never fixed the file to lay flat.
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Cycle bottle cage
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Couldn't find any nice one-piece example on Thingiverse so...Designed and modelled this.Print with low infill - to keep the weight down!Printed with PLA @ 10% infill = 29g – similar weight to Carbon fibre!No rafts or supports needed.Enjoy!UPDATE: 10 July 2015I'...
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Golf Ball Belt Clip
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This belt clip securely holds two golf balls around your belt for easy access.STL files provide FDM friendly belt clips with and without text.It can also be purchased on Shapeways : [1]======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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iPhone 5 bike mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a simple iPhone 5/5s handlebar mount for your bike.It is pretty tight but in return it does not fall of while riding.You are still able to plug in the dock-connector, audio-jack and use the speakers and side buttons.There is a version for 25.4mm and 31.8mm...
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Skate or Try!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================These are training trucks for noobs like us who want to practice skateboard tricks without all that spookiness of actually rolling around. Live out your Tony Hawk dreams while begging your awkward, gangly extremities to /learn how to friggin ollie/. They've got a...
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UPDATED: 17/02/2017
Hockey Puck
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A basic puck design for use in street hockey.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================The puck is pretty light if printed at 10% fill. Boost fill as desired for additional heft and strength. Also, boost shells to avoid having the top...
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BlackBerry Bold Bike Clip
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This allows you to attach your blackberry bold to your bicycle handlebars. The Blackberry slides in/out easily (read instructions to prevent scratching back of blackberry). Unfortunately, the apps I've tried so far aren't very good, but I've forwarded the...
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Bike-Clamp for HTC-Wildfire-S on Bontrager handlebar
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This thing holds your Wildfire-S to your Bike's handle bar. Very useful when zeroing in on the general area of a geocaches location.Actually, this is custom made to fit my Bontrager mountain bike with a 31mmx35mm tube. The idea is that it snaps right on without any...
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