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UE Boom Bicycle Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I wanted to have a way to put my UE Boom on my bicycle where I could hear it (instead of a backpack). This is what I came up with.Modify as you see fit. I make no promises on stability or durability, but it works for me. Use at your own risk, and try to take it easy when...
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Low profile saddle for the Alley Runner
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Even at the lowest position, the saddle of the Alley Runner 12" was 5cm (2") too high for my son (Felix, 20months) to ride it. So I made this saddle that directly snaps on the frame in order to gain those precious 5cm and allow Felix to already discover joy of...
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Skateboard wheel
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Skateboard wheel. Abs recommended.
Category: FREE TIME / Sport
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Golf Cart Cigar Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a cigar holder that can easily attach to any golf cart. It is secure and flexible so it can accommodate various sized cigars. I have tested it out and it works really well. I have though about a magnet on the back, but I put slots in the design for Velcro. It...
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Minimalist Baseball Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Minimalist Baseball Holder
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Bicycle disc brake pad spacer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Got bike disc brakes? Then you need to print this this. This is needed for travelling without your wheels in place, but with the pad spacer. It protects brake pads from stacking in a case of accidental squeezing of the lever with the wheel out. Without it that could...
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Spalding Basketball
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is an Spalding Basketball, From 3D brothers. [1]======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Must use support structure![1]
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1/12th scale motorcycle stands
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I designed the rear stands to fit models with double swing arms and I tried to make them universal instead of one for each type of motorcycle. They should work with most 1/12 scale model motorcycle's like the ones from Maisto.Sketchup file included for you to edit...
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Athletics starting block
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Miniature version of an athletics track starting block. Use these for your hamster competitions, smurf matches or to lure out athletic gnomes.Can be printed without support. Parts are moving, although depending on the quality of your print, you might need some filing. If...
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Ping-pong/Table tennis ball
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hollow bouncing ping-pong ball.Video here : [1]======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Print directly (if you dare). Or :Print with support material (that you don't have to remove...
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