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Wall Volleyball Mount/Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I wanted to keep my balls from going all over the place.Edit: This is a work in progress. The hoop bends too much and the balls fall. I will be updating the design soon.
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Galaxy S4 Seidio Obex Case Bike Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Do you have a Seidio Obex case on your Galaxy S4? Mount that sucker on your handle bars! I haven't tried it but you could probably scale it down a tad and use it without a case.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Use zip-...
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Nexus 5 bike mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Simple Nexus 5 mount that fits 35mm tube.The phone start button is easily reached from the handlebar making it easy to toggle the screen on and off while using GPS.Requires 4x M3x20mm + nut's.
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Bike Windcharger (easy to print)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a practical charger for smartphones or any other device that you can echarge by a USB cable.It is ideal to use when you travel by bike and you need to recharge a little your phone .The helix is driven by the flow of air through a series of gears that increase of...
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======== SUMMARY =============================================================------------------------------------------------------------------------------*A video explaining the multitool:* [1]------------------------------------------------------------------------------*This is a multi-tool key chain I...
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Wakeboard Fin
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Wakeboard fin that fits my old CWB Sol. I wanted fins that were smaller than the stock fins so I made a new fin model in Alibre Design.The bottom surface of the fin has an arc to match the board. I printed the fins with a raft that breaks off after printing. The...
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Triangular Baseball Display
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Whether you play yourself or not, it's always good to keep those souvenir balls from rolling off the shelf!/Not tested yet, but the softball version [1] works well so I'm not expecting any surprises./I'll upload photos as soon as I print it, in the...
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Fishing Bobber
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a fishing bobber that I have designed for the Make It Float Challenge. It has taken many revisions to get a model that I'm happy with. My major revisions for the bobber and lock are shown with earliest revs on the left and finished revisions further to the...
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Treble Hook Guard for Fishing Rod
======== SUMMARY =============================================================-= This is a work in progress =-This thing is perfect for fishermen on the go!Most of the time when I go on a fishing trip, I just want to throw my gear in the car, and head out for the fishing spots. Sometimes I just make a few casts at one place and then head for the...
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UE Boom Bicycle Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I wanted to have a way to put my UE Boom on my bicycle where I could hear it (instead of a backpack). This is what I came up with.Modify as you see fit. I make no promises on stability or durability, but it works for me. Use at your own risk, and try to take it easy when...
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