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Guitar body  Free 3D model
GHERSON guitar body
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guitarra hacha Free 3D model
guitarra modeada en sketchup 8
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Sands Classicaster Guitar Free 3D model
Sands Classicaster Guitar free 3D model
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Billie Joe Armstrong Guitar
Bille Joe Armstrong Guitar Green Day called “Blue”As seen at Lollapalooza 1994 & Woodstock ’94
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Littlefoot Guitar Pick
For those of you who just want to jam, download my pick. It prints in only about 5 minutes. Make prints, make music. Check out more of my designs at!
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A Recorder Flute
The Recorder is one of the oldest flutes around that's still in use. The Recorder is one the main reasons the Ocarina lost much of its hold over the musical domain. It grew to its greatest popularity during the Renaissance. The modern flute we use today like the Recorder's younger brother- both were developed side by side historically....
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Guitar Pick Holder
I was not satisfied with the pick holders available on Thingiverse so I tried my hand at one. I'm pretty happy with it. About 20 of my .6mm picks fit in the case.To assemble I used two of my daughter's hair rubber bands, but I assume any small rubber bands will work. I used support to print the main k1nc41d, published Jan 31,...
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UPDATED: 26/02/2017
This Customizable Guitar Pick is easy and fast to print and will be helpful for playing guitar. It is sturdy and will last a while. If it's broken just print another one in about 5 minutes.I highly suggest printing those picks with PLA and not with ABS because ABS is too flexible and breaks very fast.PLA on the other hand is very sturdy and...
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Guitar Neck Smartphone Mount
I have a friend who is a guitar teacher, studio engineer and all-round musician and who also posts tutorial videos on Youtube (check out his channel, Play Your Guitar - [1] ). He asked me to design a mount for his iPhone to attach to a guitar neck so he could take photos looking down the...
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UPDATED: 14/02/2017
Guitar knob
Guitarpot for every metalhead out there, enjoy!
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