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WW1 Ship (Fleet) Pieces for Diplomacy the Board Game
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Small fleet pieces that should go well with your diplomacy board game. Works well with the matching tank piece: [1]These will print fine without rafts or supports.Enjoy!======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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UPDATED: 01/03/2017
Board Games
Board Gamesby wonmi seo3DsMAX2013
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RPG Board Game Pieces
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I have been helping a friend design pieces for a board game he is working on. They are fairly simple and print well at .3mm. Maybe someone else can get some use out of them. The pieces are as follows. * Merchant: bag of money * Bureaucrat: Gov't Building *...
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PieceMaker - Build your own board game pieces
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Make your own pieces, make your own game. Extend an existing board game, bling out your chess set, or make up something completely new! With this board game piece customizer you can choose the height, width, flare, style, taper, and caps to be whatever you like. You...
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Food Tokens for Board Game Fish Cook.
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Fish Cook, is a free-to-print game where players run a sushi restaurant. I designed these tiles to represent the 6 food tiles that players purchase to make recipes.Check out the board game here [1], or here
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Foursies - 4 in a row with a twist!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a printable model of a physical version of our iPhone game, Foursies ( [1]), which itself is an electronic version of a variant of a physical game. Bear with me... it will make sense, I promise!Foursies is a four-in-a-row game with a...
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Box for MakeALot's Domino Set
Box for MakeALot's Domino Set
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UPDATED: 23/02/2017
Tetris IRL
Everyone knows how much fun it is to play tetris on the PC. Now you can play Tetris IRL.
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Battleships (Alcohol Version) aka BattleShots
======== SUMMARY =============================================================All aboard!! Here comes BATTLE SHOTS!Print 2 of each, get some booze and play with friends! ;)FLEET1 x WarCargoShip (2 cups)1 x WarCargoShip (3 cups)1 x Battleship (2 cups)1 x NuclearSubmarine (3 cups)You'll also need a board with squares (68mm), small coffee cups (...
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Billaragage 3D print model
Billaragage est un jeu de billard avec des gages .
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