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======== SUMMARY =============================================================Introducing Pocket-Dungeons! A modular, competitive dungeon-crawl for two to six players.With modular, tile-based board design and randomized events, no two games will be alike. Dynamic, tactical game play allows for quick resolution as players control treasure-hungry...
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Printable Interlocking Puzzle #2
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Designed on Christmas Day 2012, here is the second of my series of printable interlocking puzzles, and this time it's a 4x4x4 cube.'Printable' means no support material required.'Interlocking' means the puzzle pieces fit together only in the...
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OpenForge Stone Dungeon Curved Wall
======== SUMMARY =============================================================OpenForge=========Dungeon curved tiles designed to be compatible with Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles.This is easily the most challenging tile set I've created to date.Compatible tiles/walls in this series are tagged with OpenForgeOpenForge Sets============= * Smooth...
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2013 Seej Starter Set
======== SUMMARY =============================================================------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Oye! Oye!*Zheng3 3D Printing Kickstarter #4 is due to launch in Spring 2016! Join the Horde [1] to be notified when we launch and-- /AND!/ receive a free 3D model not available anywhere else!/...
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"3Deck" of Poker cards for blind people
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I am creating a "3Deck" of Poker cards for blind people. And there are many in the market, but none that can be made by 3D printing and having all embossed .It took me quite find the right steps to go aside along with 2 colors in my printer "Cube 3...
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UPDATED: 01/03/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Introducing ZoneS, a fast-paced strategy game for two players.This game is designed to be easy to print, learn, and play, and doesn't require any dice. This is the core set, though the game is ripe for expansions and alternate modes of play. If you give it a try,...
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Modular Dungeon Tiles: Core Set
======== SUMMARY =============================================================One excellent (and common) alternate use for Pocket-Tactics figures is as miniatures for RPG encounters. Because of this, I've started designing some modular map tiles fitted to their scale.Each square is 15mm x 15mm, and represents a standard "increment"...
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OpenForge Pillar
======== SUMMARY =============================================================OpenForge=========Pillars designed to be compatible with Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles.Can be used as dressing for your dungeon, or as structural elements to hold up second levels.Compatible tiles/walls in this series are tagged with OpenForgeSource from the tools used is...
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Wayfarer Modular Scifi Gaming Tiles: Core Set
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Finally, we here at IGG have a proper playground for our Pocket-Tactics models! I've been designing modular terrain tiles since I joined Thingiverse, but I hadn't quite found the right formula/scale until now. We magnetized ours using magnetic business cards...
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Playing field for Dominion
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a playingfield for the card game "Dominion". It helps to store and sort the decks of cards and reduces the space they need on the table.There are enough cases (24) to play the game with all expansions.This thing was created in the fab lab at RWTH Aachen...
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