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Marvel Dice Masters divider for dice and cards
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This was made for photo boxes I found at Joanns: [1]I think it is a pretty standard sized photo box, they come in a lot of exterior styles and are super cheap.This divider idea uses nickle storage containers for the dice. A link...
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UPDATED: 15/02/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a simple remix of BattleShots by fluetke - all credits go to him!This is a version of BattleShot which holds Beerbottles/cans instead of shots and makes for a very fun and very hardcore drinking game!It was made as a festival game and was a huge succes during...
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Parametric Rubik's Cube 3x3 (75 mm)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Parametric Rubik's Cube 3x3 (75 mm).Following parameters can be used to vary the dimensions of the cube:size = 75.5;Needed Parts for building a single cube: * Each part is needed exactly once to build the cube * Screw M3x30 (6x) * Washer M3, diameter 5.8 mm (6x)...
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Magic Card Box - Secret compartment
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Win every game! with the card dispensing boxHolds every kind of cards - Magic the gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Standard playing cards, etc. (120 cards max)Box has a secret compartment that holds 7 cards.You always get those 7 cards first no matter how many times you...
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Food Tokens for Board Game Fish Cook.
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Fish Cook, is a free-to-print game where players run a sushi restaurant. I designed these tiles to represent the 6 food tiles that players purchase to make recipes.Check out the board game here [1], or here
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Playing cards stand
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A small tray to place your playing cards uprightPlace on table and insert up to 10 cards, always see your handCards cannot fall overHold your cards without hands!======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================25% infillraftno supportsPrint...
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3 mm Large Lasercut Deckbox with Living Hinge (SVG/AI)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A modified version of the laser cut deckbox design that can hold an unsleeved EDH (Commander) MTG deck. I will soon modify it to hold a double sleeved deck.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Cut the red lines on 3 mm plywood....
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Frozen Card Case
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Customized version of [1]Created with Customizer! [2]======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Using the following options:image_size...
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Twonky's Nightmare
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hoping to get a short repose from the frenzied chaos of the race, and to repair his damage, Twonky shut down his systems and went into power down mode. While his cpu was running in standby, he began to experience strange, realistic visions. He was on another factory...
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Stackable Dungeon-style Miniature Stand
======== SUMMARY =============================================================1" Scale miniature stand for your D&D miniature figs.Fits standard 1" round miniature bases, and has room for 16 figs.The pillars on the corners also interlock into slots on the bottom of the floor so you can stack as many as you'd like to make a multi...
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