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    Chess And Backgammon (Family Games) - Autodesk 3ds Max,OBJ,STL - 3D CAD model -
    I think that the most beautiful times are those when you are with the family, I wondered: How to make those times longer and more enjoyable? I think that the collective games such as board-games were mainly created for this purpose, so here I have designed two of them in one kit; chess and backgammon games. The family can gather to play, speak, and laugh.Four people can play at the same time, for example, the Father and the daughter can play chess, while the mother and the son are playing backgammon, this can create an atmosphere of joy and Competition in the family times.More information about the games here:Chess ( [1])Backgammon ( [2])All Parts:Chess (Board, Bishop, King, Knight, Pawn, Queen and Rook)Backgammon (Board, Dice and Piece)Polys Count: 583330Verts Count: 404370Available Formats : .max(3ds max 2012 default with textures) .fbx .3ds .stl .obj(Boards with textures)I can't export STP or IGES formats because 3ds max doesn't support them, sorry![1][2]

    2015 Seej Starter Set

    2015 Seej Starter
    Oye! Oye! The 2015 Seej Starter Set has arrived!This iteration of the popular tabletop wargame incorporates feedback and design ideas from the 3D printing community to make the game more exciting than ever! The new catapults are a vast improvement on their predecessors; they’re easier to assemble, print more quickly, and are uncannily accurate. Extensive playtesting leads us to recommend 14mm marbles and size 32 rubber bands for the game.Improved weapons require improved defenses, so the new bloxen now interlock on multiple sides for a tighter fit.Rules for Seej are at Have at thee!Eye protection strongly recommended.

    Rubik's Cube - STL,STEP / IGES,SOLIDWORKS - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD

    Rubik's Cube - STL,STEP / IGES,SOLIDWORKS - 3D CAD model -
    Complete model of a Rubik's Cube.

    High Series poker chip card - AutoCAD - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD

    High Series poker chip card - AutoCAD - 3D CAD model -
    its a $1,000 dollar poker chip card design i created last year

    Connect 4 - SOLIDWORKS - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD

    Connect 4 - SOLIDWORKS - 3D CAD model -
    Drew this up as I wanted to have one in our lunchroom, for visitor's to play.

    Lil Pinner thumb wrestling ring

    Lil Pinner thumb wrestling
    The 'Lil Pinner thumb wrestlingring is the ultimate toy to test out your thumb wrestling skills. Each opponentgrabs a hold of a handle, slides their thumb through the adjacent cutouts andthen battles it out in the 'Lil Pinner ring until one opponent finally succumbsand gets pinned down to the mat. The stakes are high and the thumbs are flyingeven higher!!! It's all going down in the 'Lil Pinner thumb wrestling ring.Print yours out today.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________****For ease of printing, the fileis meant to be printed upside down with the ring (fence) printed in theopposite direction (upwards). There is a gap left in between the four cornerring poles and the base (sockets for the corner posts) so theoretically, thering (Fence) should be able to popped out and then re-inserted right side up.If there is a bit of play, it can be then glued into place for a permanent fit. 

    Breach Starship Duels

    Breach Starship
    Welcome to Breach, the tabletop game of tactical starship duels. This is the revised version of the previously released beta which can be found here: This version of the game is easier to print, assemble (no glue or paint required) and the system has been streamlined for faster play. Also, there's more ships!

    ZoneS Saga of the Nine Worlds

    ZoneS Saga of the Nine
    A Saga/ZoneS mashup! Didn't take much to convert the pieces (reshaped the terrain tiles and base tiles). So, now your Saga Pocket-Tactics pieces can pull double duty! These factions are completely compatible with the other ZoneS factions, as it should be....
    Introducing Words of Wisdom! In this game, players spell words to make a path for their guru to be the first to reach the Sacred Mountain and achieve "enlightenment."Be sure and check the instructions to see print quantities. Enjoy!-DutchmogulInstructions:Here's the breakdown on how I printed my version:-Board Quarters x4, printed at a .3 layer height with 10% infill (purple)-Tile Queues x4, printed at a .3 layer height with 10% infill (Each in a different color)-Letter Tiles A and B (x4 each, in four different colors) printed at a .3 layer height with 10% infill-Gurus x1 each, (each in a color corresponding to the color of a tile set) printed at a .1 layer height with 10% infill-Water x1, printed at a .1 layer height with 10% infill (blue or teal)-Fire x1, printed at a .1 layer height with 10% infill (red or orange)-Walls x1, printed at a .1 layer height with 10% infill (gray)-Mountain, printed at a .1 layer height with 10% infill (gray)

    Cyvasse Board (Variant)

    Cyvasse Board (Variant)
    "Ornatepieces across squares of jade and carnelian and lapis lazuli"This linefrom the Song of Ice and Fire books was overlooked when I created my firstversion of the game. I've made the board to reflect the red, green, and bluetiles, and have given them the attributes of field, forest, and water. Slightchanges to the rules allow these features to affect the game play, and I thinkit makes for an improved and more accurate game. These updates may be found inthe original game set here: and I'llleave the original rules and pieces there for anyone that still wants them.Enjoy!

    Adalinda The Singing Serpent Gaming Figure

    Adalinda The Singing Serpent Gaming
    Soextremely impressed with loubie's original model, I needed one scaled for usewith my Pocket-Tactics models. Unsurprisingly, she printed incredibly well evenat a much smaller scale. Approximately scaled for 15mm, but could really workfor just about any scale. Thanks for the amazing model!

    25mm Dungeon Floor Snap-Fit Base

    25mm Dungeon Floor Snap-Fit
    Designedthese bases for my Reaper models. Snap-fits without any need for glue, and youcan put weights or magnets inside.

    fit the blocks game

    fit the blocks
    fit the blocks game

    Pocket Dungeon Quest dice/game box

    Pocket Dungeon Quest dice/game
    Pocket Dungeon quest is a small tile-based game that if printed and cut out of card stock could almost fit in it's own die. I made a slightly oversized die to hold the tiles, and some 75% scale pawn stands ( [1] But with this the dice isn't necessary.You can find out more about PDQ and how to get your own copy at[1]
    Perfect for games night at home with the family and small enough to take with you on holiday to keep the kids happy. The player tokens come in two styles so you can play even if printed in a single colour. Four in a row is a classic game and is commonly known as Connect4. 

    2013 Seej Starter Set

    2013 Seej Starter
    Oye! Oye! Brenda the articulated battle tardigrade has been released into the wilds of 3D printing! Join the Horde to be among the first humanoids to

    Ornate gothic stand for deck of cards

    Ornate gothic stand for deck of
    I wanted something gothic/ornate as a centerpiece for the poker table and this is what I came up with. Holds a deck of cards measuring up to 64mm wi
    Tic Tac Toe (auch: Drei gewinnt, XXO, Kreis und Kreuz, Dodelschach oder engl. Noughts and Crosses) ist ein klassisches, einfaches Zweipersonen-Strateg

    Poker Chips / Wedding Coins

    Poker Chips / Wedding
    Edit: Design has been generalized. Date and initials removed for general usage. Features: Add initials and date to the base design half-raise

    Customizable Poker Chip Rack

    Customizable Poker Chip
    Customizable Poker Chip Rack

    Parametric card organizer for Android: Netrunner LCG

    Parametric card organizer for Android: Netrunner
    What the title says. This makes it easy to keep neat stacks in an orderly fashion in the original game box. Customizable in its entirety. Variable n
    Remember this game? Yeah you can 3D print it now. Any color you want. Match your favorite sports team! 3 simple parts. Easy to print.
    version 3 here: Customizable and stackable. Even makes boxes version 2 here:

    Playing field for Dominion

    Playing field for
    This is a playingfield for the card game "Dominion". It helps to store and sort the decks of cards and reduces the space they need on the ta
    This is a card holder for settlers of catan gamecards, 54x80mm Keeps the cards from going all over the place. Latest update: Added a nice Logo i

    House Etryn Puritan, 28mm Miniature

    House Etryn Puritan, 28mm
    A bit of a work in progress. Part of my ongoing quest to print table-top quality, 28mm scale miniatures on my replicator. The printed version came out

    Mahjong Game tile holder

    Mahjong Game tile
    A simple two piece tile holder for Mahjong tiles. Great for when you are playing on a low table. I have created it in two parts so that it should prin

    Gates for Arkham Horror (tm) the boardgame (can be used for Eldritch Horror also!)

    Gates for Arkham Horror (tm) the boardgame (can be used for Eldritch Horror also!)
    Arkham Horror is one of my favorite board games. It is a cooperative game based on the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. When playing the game I notic

    Detailed Cathedral Boardgame

    Detailed Cathedral
    Superdetailed, probably many features are unprintable on your printer in sufficient small scaling. Naming scheme The parts are named from player

    Boardgame character stat markers and holder for Betrayal at House on the Hill

    Boardgame character stat markers and holder for Betrayal at House on the
    The excellent boardgame Betrayal at House on the Hill has markers for the character boards that keep slipping off, so while playing with friends, I th
    Introducing Pocket-Dungeons! A modular, competitive dungeon-crawl for two to six players. With modular, tile-based board design and randomized event

    Modular Dungeon Tiles: Core Set

    Modular Dungeon Tiles: Core