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Mini Basketball 3D print model
The constructor of the five parts. Models are ready to print on a 3D printer.Dimensions-Base-
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Sheeps game 3D print model
Board game, the attribute of the interior.Boru IBV NL-4193 GT
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"Tetris" 3D puzzle (21 pieces)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================One of the more successful designs from my shapeways shop, this 3D jigsaw puzzle, made of 21 unique pieces, is sure to challenge you and your friends. I hope you enjoy! and please let me know what you think!A "surface map" guide to the solution is in the...
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RPG Board Game Pieces
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I have been helping a friend design pieces for a board game he is working on. They are fairly simple and print well at .3mm. Maybe someone else can get some use out of them. The pieces are as follows. * Merchant: bag of money * Bureaucrat: Gov't Building *...
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Wayfarer Tactics: Modular Terrain System (Simple Stonework)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hey everyone! Well, it's Kickstarter time again here at Ill Gotten Games [1] and to kick it off, here's a new set of modular tactics tiles for use with our new game, Wayfarer Tactics (check out the Kickstarter campaign here!) [2] (or any other 28mm wargame or...
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Playing Card Shooter
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Watch the video: [1]This Gatling-gun style card shooter will liven up your bridge game - just turn the crank and deal your next hand at 30 MPH! The crank is connected to an eccentric feed wheel that feeds one card per revolution. The drive...
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New 7 Wonders Puzzle
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I've always wanted to travel the world and see the 7 Wonders. Although I have never seen these wonders in person, I was inspired by their unique and incredible architecture to create this 7 Wonders mashup.Color code:Orange- Christ the RedeemerYellow- Taj MahalRed-...
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Customizable Plano Box Divider
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a customizable divider for plano storage boxes which are ideal to store board game parts.By default the parameters of this thing fit the plano 3500 model but by adapting the parameters ("Open in Customizer" button) it should fit every plano model.NOTE:...
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PieceMaker - Build your own board game pieces
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Make your own pieces, make your own game. Extend an existing board game, bling out your chess set, or make up something completely new! With this board game piece customizer you can choose the height, width, flare, style, taper, and caps to be whatever you like. You...
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Openforge Barred Sewer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================OpenForge=========Toolkit for assembling barred sewer tiles. Painting have been updated here to include barred tile painting here [1].Compatible tiles/walls in this series are tagged with OpenForgeYou can find this set on github [2]OpenForge Sets============= * Smooth...
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