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Box for MakeALot's Domino Set
Box for MakeALot's Domino Set
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WW1 Ship (Fleet) Pieces for Diplomacy the Board Game
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Small fleet pieces that should go well with your diplomacy board game. Works well with the matching tank piece: [1]These will print fine without rafts or supports.Enjoy!======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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UPDATED: 18/02/2017
Board Games
Board Gamesby wonmi seo3DsMAX2013
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UPDATED: 15/02/2017
Tetris IRL
Everyone knows how much fun it is to play tetris on the PC. Now you can play Tetris IRL.
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Battleships (Alcohol Version) aka BattleShots
======== SUMMARY =============================================================All aboard!! Here comes BATTLE SHOTS!Print 2 of each, get some booze and play with friends! ;)FLEET1 x WarCargoShip (2 cups)1 x WarCargoShip (3 cups)1 x Battleship (2 cups)1 x NuclearSubmarine (3 cups)You'll also need a board with squares (68mm), small coffee cups (...
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Customizable Dominoes Free 3D print model
I was recently asked to upload the SCAD file for the nine spot domino set previously uploaded to Thingiverse so that the thickness of the cards could be changed.(
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Settlers of Catan
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UPDATED: 15/02/2017
------------------------------------------------------------------------------Admin note, this description has not been updated since we added markdown.To update, simply edit the text with at least one change.------------------------------------------------------------------------------Standard-sized 1 7/8 x 15/16 x 1/4 inch dominoes. STL file...
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"Tetris" 3D puzzle (21 pieces)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================One of the more successful designs from my shapeways shop, this 3D jigsaw puzzle, made of 21 unique pieces, is sure to challenge you and your friends. I hope you enjoy! and please let me know what you think!A "surface map" guide to the solution is in the...
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RPG Board Game Pieces
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I have been helping a friend design pieces for a board game he is working on. They are fairly simple and print well at .3mm. Maybe someone else can get some use out of them. The pieces are as follows. * Merchant: bag of money * Bureaucrat: Gov't Building *...
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