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Billaragage 3D print model
Billaragage est un jeu de billard avec des gages .
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Horde can holder 3D print model
For the HORDE! Show your true colors with this 3D printable can holder. Fits standard 375ml cans.
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Mini Basketball 3D print model
The constructor of the five parts. Models are ready to print on a 3D printer.Dimensions-Base-
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Sheeps game 3D print model
Board game, the attribute of the interior.Boru IBV NL-4193 GT
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Stackable Catan Card Holder
Keeps your resources nice and tidy! The trays are designed to work standalone and/or to 'stack' into one another.Pretty basic print, 10% fill and 0.2mm layers work fine.Let me know if there are any other card sizes this could be useful for b/c then i can work to make the scad file customizable.
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UPDATED: 25/01/2017
YMCA Puzzle
“And just go there, to the y.m.c.a.I’m sure they can help you today.”  
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Slider Puzzle. 3×3.
Good Luck.
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Lil Pinner thumb wrestling ring
The 'Lil Pinner thumb wrestlingring is the ultimate toy to test out your thumb wrestling skills. Each opponentgrabs a hold of a handle, slides their thumb through the adjacent cutouts andthen battles it out in the 'Lil Pinner ring until one opponent finally succumbsand gets pinned down to the mat. The stakes are high and the thumbs are...
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Pocket Dungeon Quest dice/game box
Pocket Dungeon quest is a small tile-based game that if printed and cut out of card stock could almost fit in it's own die. I made a slightly oversized die to hold the tiles, and some 75% scale pawn stands ( [1] But with this the dice isn't necessary.You can find out more about PDQ and...
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Dungeon Tiles, OpenForge, Half-Height – Free Sample
This is a free sample set. You can take these files for a test run and see if you want the whole set.
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