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Soccer Ball Free 3D model
Soccer Ball
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Sands Classicaster Guitar Free 3D model
Sands Classicaster Guitar free 3D model
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guitarra hacha Free 3D model
guitarra modeada en sketchup 8
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Guitar body  Free 3D model
GHERSON guitar body
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Box for MakeALot's Domino Set
Box for MakeALot's Domino Set
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Billie Joe Armstrong Guitar
Bille Joe Armstrong Guitar Green Day called “Blue”As seen at Lollapalooza 1994 & Woodstock ’94
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WW1 Ship (Fleet) Pieces for Diplomacy the Board Game
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Small fleet pieces that should go well with your diplomacy board game. Works well with the matching tank piece: [1]These will print fine without rafts or supports.Enjoy!======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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Woven bicycle tyre - STEP / IGES,STL - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD
Let’s make our bike individual by using the opportunities given by 3D printing! I used an average textile production technique, weaving to reach the aim. Until now in the industry we could only produce woven goods (Cloth, woven basket) from those materials which are flexible. The bycicle tyre designed by me, can be produced from either plastic or...
Category: FREE TIME / Sport
Tags: woven
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XT-CF20 Bike 3D printed bicycle - SOLIDWORKS,STL,STEP / IGES - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD
This is a fully working customizable bicycle frame that everybody can print at home with an FDM printer.More Info on our blog: [1][1]
Category: FREE TIME / Sport
Tags: colorfabb
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Table Soccer Figures - SOLIDWORKS,STL,STEP / IGES - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD
This is just one part of World Cup 2014 collectionFigures are 3D printableSpain!part?name=Table+Soccer+figure+-+Spain&model_id=40225 [1]Germany!part?name=Table+Soccer+figure+-+Germany&model_id=40211 [2]Brazilhttps://b2b....
Category: FREE TIME / Sport
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