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Boots5 3D Model
Every model has been checked with the appropriate software.All preview images rendered with standard 3D studio max lights.
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Sandal hanging plate, storage
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a simple plate that allows you to slide two sandals onto it. I connect the plates using 1/4 - 3/8" rope. It allows me to keep adding sandals... at least until I hit the floor. This was inspired by damhestheman's design for his mother to store her...
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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Minotaur shoe
Part of the Mythical shoe collection which takes inspiration from greek myths.
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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Flexible men Shoes
Shoes designed by Esteban Barreiro for Chimak 3D.
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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UPDATED: 13/02/2017
Atlas shoes
What's more reassuring than to be held up by the Greek titan, Atlas. He bears the weight of all things. This design has been partly sculpted via zbrush and rhino. Part of the 'Mytheelcal' shoe collection.
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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Chaussures à talons - High heels shoes
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Chaussures à talons de taille 39 imprimées en 3D excepté la semelle.Assemblage de la lanière haute et basse par vis à bois tête fraisée Ø3*20.Heeled shoes size 39 3D printed except the sole.Assembling the high and low band by flat head wood screws Ø3 * 20.experiences-...
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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shoes for rubber band
hold the foot with a rubber band
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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shoes with sirena
shoes with sirena
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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UPDATED: 25/02/2017
normal shoes, hold the foot with a rubber band
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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Lion High Heel Shoe Free 3D print model
Lion High Heel ShoeRemixed From Lion by YahooJAPAN
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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