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Jeans Hotpants 3D model
Woman's jeans hotpants:124 quads4096x4096 Diffuse texture Map4096x4096 Normal Map4096x4096 Displacement Map
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Laser Cut Wallet
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is my rendition of a laser cut leather wallet.I found it difficult to find the exact design I wanted, so I made this one.Be sure to scale the svg correctly before printing.If you wish to raster in an emblem, it goes on the bottom left panel (the 45 degree cuts are...
Category: FASHION / Clothes
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Kirby Face Costume and Star Rod Wand!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The ultimate Kirby costume! Print out these magnetic Kirby eyes, cheeks, and mouth (don't forget the backing plates!) and attach them to your favorite pink sweatshirt. Use 1/4" X 1/16" magnets to give these pieces plenty of sticking power!EYES:Start with...
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Corset style cabaret
Corset style cabaret créé à l'origine pour servir de porte-nom pour un mariage.
Category: FASHION / Clothes
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Snowden Exposure Tour 2013 T-Shirt
======== SUMMARY =============================================================download the design and flex print / screenprint the shirt on your own or send it to someone who can do that for you - maybe your nearby #hackerspacewe would be happy to see you supporting Edward Snowden with a donation to the following BitCoin wallet:...
Category: FASHION / Clothes
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3D Printed Dress : Rose
*Rose : 3D Printed Dress*This pattern expresses vine, thorn andbarbed-wire fence by using the whole form of rose. It also descripts fluentcurves on the silhouette of clothes through separating the dart position.Production process :designing sketch – flat pattern of clothes – modeling through 3D program –mistake measurement of modeling – practicing...
Category: FASHION / Clothes
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hex Chain 3d Dress
BLOG : the design from davinci85's hex chain mail to a dress in MAKER FAIRE TAIPEI 2014.most 3d printing part you can just use his file, this model I shared is for keeping these parts in place.have a look and join us!
Category: FASHION / Clothes
Tags: hexdress
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customized 3d printing dress
BLOG : [1]The main goal of this design is to develop a hex chain system for customized dress via Rhino 3d software. These 3d printing units are generated by using my RhinoScript code which allows user to change the import data from a 3d scanned model. With an optimized structure and nice label, all you need to do is join them...
Category: FASHION / Clothes
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Ruffle bottom dress 3D Model
*Ruffle bottom dress 3D Model*-------- IN AUTODESK FBX FILE (.FBX), LIGHTWAVE (.LWO, .LW, .LWS), WAVEFRONT (.OBJ), OTHER 3D MODEL FILE FORMAT ----------------------------------
Category: FASHION / Clothes
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Short dress 3D Model
*Short dress 3D Model*-------- IN AUTODESK FBX FILE (.FBX), LIGHTWAVE (.LWO, .LW, .LWS), WAVEFRONT (.OBJ), OTHER 3D MODEL FILE FORMAT ----------------------------------
Category: FASHION / Clothes
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