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Clean 3D Glasses Frames
======== SUMMARY =============================================================In Asia it is very trendy to wear designer frames without the lens! Brag to all of your friends that you rock the latest style and have Real 3D glasses :)I have included the original Google sketchup files so that you can modify to your likings. Enjoy and be sure to post...
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Woman Shoe - Pigalle V4.2 Update! - Higher Heels
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hi All,as a friend asked, i reverted to a original Pigalle like shoes.Better high heel and some modify around.Enjoy :)
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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The Bristle Dress
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Francis Bitonti Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio in New York City, organized a workshop at the Metropolitan Exchange in Brooklyn that resulted in the creation of their second 3D printed dress. They built a web interface with MakerBot allowing people to configure...
Category: FASHION / Clothes
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Teardrop Shutter Shades For Print
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is my derivative of daewootech's "DIY Glasses", by far the best looking shutter sunglasses on Thingiverse. Unfortunately a .cdr file does nothing for me as I wanted to print these bad boys. I ended up rebuilding them in solidworks with the jpg as a...
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Snap Together Shutter Shades
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I was really digging the original shutter shades, but I was at a loss for a good way to assemble them. Wire kept falling out, and I didn't have screws small enough to use either. So I imported the model into sketchup and added nubs to the hinges and arms so that the...
Category: FASHION / Glasses
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T-Rex High Heel
======== SUMMARY =============================================================T-Rex High Heel [1] [2][1][2]
Category: FASHION / Shoes
Tags: trexremix
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UPDATED: 02/02/2017
Hair Comb
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is the first item I created myself for my new RepRap machine, using CoCreate. As you can see it's a simple comb.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Print it and start combing your hair. Or make a comb kazoo and start...
Category: FASHION / Comb
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Star Wars Cufflinks
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Yoda, Darth, and a TrooperPrinted on a rep 2, no raft, no support.Working hinge printed as a single part.
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UPDATED: 06/02/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================3D Designed and 3D Printed a low poly hat for all us 3D printing nerds out there! I'm a hat freak and being able to 3D print a hat is crazy cool. This model will prepare into makerbot desktop around: 193mm (ear to ear) x 248mm (foreHead to back) x 122mm (tall)My...
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8-bit Shamrock Glasses
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Get out your best green filament and get festive!These 8-bit glasses print all in one piece - arms and all! The corners of the frames are tacked down with "mouse ears" in the shape of shamrocks, so you're all set for your St. Patrick's Day...
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