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Chaussures à talons - High heels shoes
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Chaussures à talons de taille 39 imprimées en 3D excepté la semelle.Assemblage de la lanière haute et basse par vis à bois tête fraisée Ø3*20.Heeled shoes size 39 3D printed except the sole.Assembling the high and low band by flat head wood screws Ø3 * 20.experiences-...
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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UPDATED: 24/02/2017
Bunny Ears
======== SUMMARY =============================================================In the spirit of Easter, I thought I'd make some bunny ears for you to wear ;r)
Category: FASHION / Accessories
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Citizen Titanium Golf watch rubber strap replacement
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Citizen Titanium Golf watch rubber strap replacement for 2$ instead of 80 bucks.Printed with black Filaflex on Witbox in 2 x 40 minutes.Designed by Blueprint 3D Hungary.Ver2 is coming soon...======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*...
Category: FASHION / Watches
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Watchband in lasercut textile
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Project homepage: jonnor/projects/clothing [1].Made in collaboration with Annika Rockenberger [2].Designed for laser-cutting. Key ideas: * Using a fold of doubled fabric as connecting loop, for strength * Using laser to fuse synthetic fabric, to avoid fraying edge and...
Category: FASHION / Watches
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Kirby Face Costume and Star Rod Wand!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The ultimate Kirby costume! Print out these magnetic Kirby eyes, cheeks, and mouth (don't forget the backing plates!) and attach them to your favorite pink sweatshirt. Use 1/4" X 1/16" magnets to give these pieces plenty of sticking power!EYES:Start with...
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2016 Happy New Year Fun Glasses
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I went googling for images of New Year’s Glasses looking for ideas to make some 2016 New Year glasses for this year. I found several ideas (which I posted in the pictures) and also found a model here that apparently also got its inspiration from some of the same older...
Category: FASHION / Glasses
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Stackable Sunglasses stand
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Print a base, and then follow it up with a number of stands that simply fit on top of each other. Finalise with 3 stalks per level and your set to display all your favourite glasses.
Category: FASHION / Glasses
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UPDATED: 17/02/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================UPDATE NOTICE: 1/20/2016The 2016 BUTToN GEAR is now available here: [1]For all of you that have ever needed an extra little incentive to get your Butt in Gear I present the official 2015 BUTToN GEAR! Yes, this is intended to be...
Category: FASHION / Button
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Bump-Safe Kids' Glasses (table/ cupboard) Clip
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a bump-safe clip for a cupboard to table edge, to hold a pair of glasses. The body of this clip was built around a circle, to avoid pointed or sharp ends. Kid-safe. I should print one for my own night table :)======== PRINT SETTINGS...
Category: FASHION / Glasses
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comfortable plastic shopping bag handle
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Design for comfortable hold plastic shopping bagIt's works with carabiner easy to bring with you to the mall, and easy to put on the plastic bag become a comfortable handle.No addition support need, easy to print.The design can print without support and raft set....
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