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Button (five hole)
   This is a simple five hole button you could stitch it on your garments. The original file object has 15mm diameter. It can be scaled as you wish.
Category: FASHION / Button
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Watch holder
Watch holder.
Category: FASHION / Watches
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Sunglasses ALO
ALO sunglasses, enjoy!
Category: FASHION / Glasses
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Reindeer Antlers
Fill yourself with festive cheer! (or just large amounts of alcohol).  Then enjoy the looks of 'What are you wearing......?'.  Go on, it's Christmas!
Category: FASHION / Accessories
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Remembrance Day Poppy
Remember them! In memory of the sacrifice of men and women in service gave for the United Kingdom and the world,  I decided to 3D model and 3D print the Armistice Day Poppy [1] to show support,  if you  download this file and print it please remember to donate![1]
Category: FASHION / Accessories
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Minotaur shoe
Part of the Mythical shoe collection which takes inspiration from greek myths.
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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Flexible men Shoes
Shoes designed by Esteban Barreiro for Chimak 3D.
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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Dice cufflink
Dice cufflink that can be studded with gemstones.
Category: FASHION / Cufflinks
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UPDATED: 06/01/2017
Cat Ears
Very popular in Japan, and to be honest I can see why; they do look cute!  Also you can wear them and scare the living daylights out of your hamster......
Category: FASHION / Accessories
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UPDATED: 12/01/2017
Atlas shoes
What's more reassuring than to be held up by the Greek titan, Atlas. He bears the weight of all things. This design has been partly sculpted via zbrush and rhino. Part of the 'Mytheelcal' shoe collection.
Category: FASHION / Shoes
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