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Playpi a Raspberry pi 2 case for retropie
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Update 2015-05-03 B--The new overclock base is up.It is done so the cool air from the fan should circulate on the top and bottom of the raspberry pi 2 and then exit on the side with the cable inputs.Update 2015-05-03--Cleaned up and decreased print times on the top...
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Small case for Raspberry Pi A+
Simple Case for a RaspberryPi A+. Pick a case and a lid that suit your needs.  4x M2.5x5 or M2.5x6 and, depending on the box, 4x M2.5 nuts are needed to mount the Raspberry Pi A+
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piPad - Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board
A simple but effective way that I use to set-up my Pi Computers in the lab for my students.
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Raspberry Pi Camera Case
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The is the 2-piece Raspberry Pi NoIR camera case that houses theNoIR Camera module (remove IR filter and fixed-focus lens) andseparate IR cut filter switch component.The Fuji Film vari-focal lens mounts to the IR cut filtersfemale CS socket and provides 10X manual zoom (...
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Raspberry Pi Zero Box
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Got a Zero from MicroCenter today and thought it needed a box to keep from shorting it out.Use 4 10mm x 3mm Flat head screws to hold it together.
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Raspberry Pi Camera Case and Tripod
======== SUMMARY =============================================================https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciCKvehNFDM [1]This is the raspberry pi camera camera module fitted inside a 3d printed enclosure and mounted to a 3d printed tripod. This simple design is easy to 3d print and takes a few minutes to put together.You can use a Swivel-Head...
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Raspberry Pi Hat Standoff
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I didn't want to order the special 11mm brass raspberry pi standoffs from Adafruit at $9 shipping, so I decided to print some that will do the job. These are 11 mm high, and snap in to the screw holes. They are not as sturdy as the brass ones, but if you print them...
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CamJam EduKit #3 Robot Chassis for the Raspberry Pi
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a 3D printable robot chassis designed to be used with the awesome CamJam Edukit #3 and ANY Raspberry Pi (all models supported).The CamJam Edukit #3 is a kit of parts which when used in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi provide all the electronics and mechanics...
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Raspberry Pi 2/B+ case with different lids and configurations
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I needed a case for the raspberry pi that was configurable for the application. There is a case with mount holes and without mount holes and a plain lid and a lid with a camera ball.Have fun and feedback is always appreciated. Released through my company Northern Layers...
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Raspberry PI B+ Sleeve
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is remake of Walter brilliant design http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:604915 [1].So the sleeve may be facing both ways.Simple sleeve to a Raspberry Pi B+ / 2. The main case slides over the Raspberry Pi, and a cap fits around the connectors. The parts are held in...
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