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GoPro Frame (Hero 3 / 4) & Bacpac
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A simple and strong frame for GoPro hero 3 / 3+ / 4with holes for microSD, charge, shutter and wifi/HiLight button [1]Don't forget to show us your prints![1]
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TBS Discovery Brushless Gimbal for Hero 3
======== SUMMARY =============================================================TBS Discovery Brushless Gimbal (V3) [1]My gimbal v2 has evolved! This version is stronger, lighter, and actually works!Each gimbal axis is balanced to provide super smooth video.You can find the...
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Easy-Install Gopro Scuba Mask Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I modified the snap details from my original mod to make this thing bulletproof. Easy to install and holds the gopro well.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Make sure to print in the orientation with gopro mounting bosses...
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Very simple cablecam dolly for GoPro Hero3
======== SUMMARY =============================================================EnglishIf you enjoyed the cablecam dolly, you may also like my "terrestrial dolly" [1]This is a very simple system to create a cablecam dolly with a GoPro camera.The pulleys are printed by halves so we can obtain the...
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GoProHD Mount (Male)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Here is the "male" mount for a GoProHD. It is interchangeable with the OEM mounts and with my other "female" mount.*Slightly updatedIncreased the vertical tab spacing a bit so it requires less trimming to fit an "arm" nicely. I have also...
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Superlight highres GoPro Hero 3 lens hood
======== SUMMARY =============================================================When flying my DJI Phantom 2 I have noticed some issues flying in direct sunlight. The props cast a shadow on the lens that results in some banding on the video. As the camera is on a 3-axis gimbal a lens-hood needs to weigh absolutely nothing. I take no responsibility...
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GoProHD Mount (Female)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a mount for a GoProHD camera. A minute with a razor and both parts accepted the GoPro male part very nicely. No slop at all. Just stick a piece of double-side tape on it and attach it to something.This mount is interchangeable with the OEM mounts and my other...
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Harrope Cable Cam GoPro v1.0
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Open source camera accessoriesIf you want to contribute with the project development please use the donate button: [1]Your contribution will be very apreciated and used for cover the project costsWEB [2]
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GoPro Underwater Diving Handgrips
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Originally I saw shearn's 'GoPro HD Mount with recessed screw hole' mounted on a video light set and I thought to myself 'I really want one of those!' So here it is.Torch clamps coming soon to a Thingiverse near youHere is some footage using the...
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GoPro Extension
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Long extension for GoPro camera. Some design for manufacturing has been done. Design has been tweaked to print clean on my TOM. If these work for or don't quite fit please let me know so that I can see if the design could use an update.RA = "right angle"...
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