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GoPro Quick Release to 80/20 rail
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Slides and hooks in 80/20 rail, with a GoPro quick release buckle mount.*CHECK ORIENTATION BEFORE PRINTING*Make sure that you have the flat side of the quick release facing down if using a FDM printer.======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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Scuba diving camera tray for GoPro/SJCAM
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I wasn't entirely satisfied with the existing designs so I've created my own simple camera tray to use with an SJ4000 camera in an upcoming diving trip. Of course it's also perfectly suitable to use as a regular camera tray out of the water ;)The SJ4000...
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Yuneec Q500 Typhoon GoPro Style Gimbal Adapter Plate
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I designed a Gimbal Adapter Plate that will allow you to use a GoPro or GoPro Style Action Camera with your Yuneec Q500 Typhoon.How to install: * Remove your CGO2 Camera carefully * Separate the top Plate from the Gimbal Adapter * Assemble GoPro Plate with original top...
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GoPro Center Lens Mount & Adapter
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The original GoPro mount is designed to mount the GoPro center mass and NOT center lens. This design fixes that problem for the people who want their GoPro lens aiming straight down whatever it is mounted to.I made 2 versions; One is a pole mount and the other is more of...
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GoPro Bike mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Customized version of [1]Created with Customizer! [2]Camera frame is: [3]======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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UPDATED: 13/02/2017
GoPro Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This mount was designed for a 1" handlebar but could be easily modified to fit other sizes.id3D,
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GoProHD 40mm Arm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================It's standard Long GoPro arm, 40mm c-t-c.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Printed on a T-o-M with support material.
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Low Profile GoPro Tripod
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Rounded the corners to improve looks and decrease chance or lifting and warping.May update with filleted corners to improve strength of gopro mount.Vapor treatment will increase strength substantially.======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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GoPro Helmet Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================GoPro Helmet Mount======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================No Tried this yet
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GoPro Underwater Diving Handgrips
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Originally I saw shearn's 'GoPro HD Mount with recessed screw hole' mounted on a video light set and I thought to myself 'I really want one of those!' So here it is.Torch clamps coming soon to a Thingiverse near youHere is some footage using the...
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