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GoPro Protecting Cover for mini quads
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Protecting Cover for GoPro (3, 3+ or 4)It's just to avoid scratches when crashing :)20 degrees versionside and top door versionsShould not require any support as it's tilted and the printer can fill the bridges gradually(under development and test)Edit: added a...
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Shark S700 GoPro Helmet Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This a GoPro mount for my Shark S700 motorbike helmet. I wanted to mount the camera on my chin guard, and the normal GoPro mounts don't fit the curvature it has.This is NOT finished. I may need to trim the part down so that it actually fits between the plastic vent...
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Xiaomi Yi/Gopro Handle
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A handle to keep the Yi better in the hands while makeing photographs etc. Designed for a snorkelling trip.Gopro fit NOT tested!
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GoPro Hero4 naked mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Mount for the GoPro Hero4:This is a new version of my other GoPro mount.The differences with the other are: * This have all the holes need for Gopro Hero4 * It is possible put and quit the side cover * It uses the side insert to lock the camera inIt is possible to use...
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Floating mount for Gopro
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Do you want to take a group photo where you are in it too?With this mount now you can!You don't have to worry anymore to hold your gopro,it will do it all by itself.Excellent for shooting under water for long time,or making videos to crazy dips.Floating mount for...
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gopro float tripod / tripode flotador gopro
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Este es un 2 en 1. Es un tripode o base para gopro (todos los modelos) que cuando se le colocan tres botellas pequeñas de gaseosa o agua (500-600 ml) se convierte en un tripode flotante para su uso en el agua. Se puede utilizar tanto para filmar cosas que pasan sobre la...
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GoPro Floaty / GoPro Pole - absolutely watertight by printing with PETG - NO Support needed!!!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================As I didn´t like most of the existing GoPro poles, I designed one by myself via Tinkercad last week. The shell thickness is 3mm - so the pole is very stable, but not too heavy.I hope you like it? Let me know, if you require any modification or change - I will try my best...
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Traxxas Nitro Slash GoPro Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The mount attaches at 2 existing screw holes on the left side of the frame close to fuel door (see pic). The upper piece is just an extension to move the GoPro closer to the windshield cut-out and is optional. The mount can be used with or without the body installed.
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GoPro DSLR Camera Hotshoe Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This mount allows you to mount your GoPro to the top of your DSLR using the hotshoe mount. It's helpful if you want to use your GoPro for POV video footage while you're shooting, etc. It's also really useful for traveling, keeping your GoPro firmly...
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GoPro Layerlens protector
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I designed this GoPro protector to protect my hero 4 black. It uses a layer lens to protect the lens and covers the screen to help prevent it from breaking whilst still showing the leds for status indicators. and a cutout to show battery levels and how long is left on...
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