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Bicycle GoPro Mount Bicycle Dashcam 3D print model
with this Mount you are able to put your GoPro camera so you can film your ride and/or use your GoPro as a Bicycle Dashcam so you have a video if a car driver or anyone else brings you in a dangerous situation!
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Handle bar GoPro  mounts Bicycle 3D print model
Customized version of GoPro customizable mounts, and a library to expandCreated with Customizer!
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GoPro 3 3 FRAME 3D print model
3D Printable frame for Go Pro 3 (3+) White Silver Black.This is my project. It has extra microphons holes and hole for charging. Fit well. Better mounting.
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GoPro Knuckles 3D print model
A holder a bit different then the others... Feels comfy, easy to handle in action (while running, skiing,skating, diving, skydiving etc.) Please don't punch someone with it. (I tested it for you, it does what a brass knuckles does, perfectly) Some countries, its illegal to carry or have brass knuckles, so know your region's laws.
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GoPro Stabilizer Hand 3D print model
Attach your Gopro Stabilizer HandFilming under water everywhere on earthSize 190mm
Category: ELECTRONICS / GoPro
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GoPro Hero Macro Lens Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Holds a 52mm lens in front of the GoPro Hero's lens for macro photos or video.Works only for medium shots. Wide shots show lots of blur around the sides.The GoPro lens press fits into one side and the macro lens screws into the other side.Lens is from this set:http...
Category: ELECTRONICS / GoPro
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LiPo / Battery GoPro Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Its a Case for a LiPo to be mounted on any GoPro Mount.Im Using it for my Groundstation.
Category: ELECTRONICS / GoPro
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GoPro Hero 3/3+ Flanged Lens Ring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================LayerLens ended up ripping the rubbery ring around the lens off, so this Flanged ring is a perfect fit (might need to sand off the elephant feet). It provides some light shielding and protection to your GoPro lens. The one picture shows the hit it took after a bad crash...
Category: ELECTRONICS / GoPro
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gopro/xiaomi yi universal mount 20degrees
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Should be usable for most frames, just ziptie the gopro to it, and ziptie the mount on your frame.The slot is made for layerlens and similar lens protector ziptie/strap
Category: ELECTRONICS / GoPro
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Adapter for CATEYE Handlebar Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Adapter for CATEYE Handlebar Mount.Attaching the camera to a bicycle handlebar.This will replace the part of the Cateye handlebar mount( [1])自転車のハンドルバーにカメラとかGarminを取り付ける為のパーツです。三種類あります。それぞれCateyeのライト用ブラケット( [2])...
Category: ELECTRONICS / GoPro
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