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Superversatile GoPro Frame
Hi everybody, this is a superversatile GoPro Frame, it was designed after the idea of inigosobrini. So as he said :"soo it s basically the frame but with the "arms" where you put the gopro in the four sides of the frame, so, for example, when you have to put it in your sticker mount in the side of the helmet, you dont have to use...
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GoPro Can Hugger
Tired of having to set down your tasty beverage when the action is happening? Thirst no more. This will keep one hand free while you balance both your beverage and a steady shot in the other. Never miss a "hold my beer" moment again.  Prints support free. Print the snap-in bottle adapter for bottle use.
Category: ELECTRONICS / GoPro
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Go Pro Hero 4 Session Bow Tie
Bow tie for the GoPro Hero 4 Session to capture the best moments in your life. 
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Dumping mount for helmet - GoPro
Tool to attach your GoPro to your helmet, enjoy!
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Harrope Cable Cam GoPro v1.0
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Open source camera accessoriesIf you want to contribute with the project development please use the donate button: [1]Your contribution will be very apreciated and used for cover the project costsWEB [2]
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GoPro lens removal tool
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This tool works like a charm!I made it so I could remove the stock lens from my GoPro Hero4 Black without damaging the lens. Now I can install an aftermarket lens that doesn't have the fish-eye distortion. I can keep the old lens as a backup, or sell it.Will...
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Shoei RF-1200 GoPro Chin Mount
SummaryThis is a mount meant for GoPro-style clips on the chin of a Shoei RF-1200. Uses VHB pads meant for GoPro mounts, available all over the web. MIGHT fit the RF-1100. Has a cut-out to accommodate opening the chin vent.This currently is a prototype (V6) and after riding with it I'll make some changes if they're necessary. I can make...
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GoPro Mount for OpenRC Truggy RC Car Free 3D print model
Simple GoPro Mount for OpenRC Truggy.
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GoPro straight mount 35mm   Free 3D print model
The world needs another GoPro mount... right? ;-)
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