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UPDATED: 13/01/2017
Roman bust
https://twitter.com/3dYoda [1]statue romainelenght 45.29mmWidth:92.46mmheight:46.52mm[1] https://twitter.com/3dYoda
Category: ART / Head
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UPDATED: 17/01/2017
https://twitter.com/3dYoda [1]Lenght; 49.66mmWidth: 72.34 mmheight; 42.83 mm[1] https://twitter.com/3dYoda
Category: ART / Head
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Man Head 2 3D print model
Realistic Man Head
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Da Vinci Heads No. 1 STL Printable
Da Vinci Heads No. 1 STL Printable Model.______________________________Da Vinci Heads No. 1 3D Print Model.Sculpted according to an original Leonardo Da Vinci's sketch.3D character modeled, after the 2D ink caricature sketch on paper [Venice, Accademia] by Leonardo da Vinci.Quads & Tris 3D Model [STL; OBJ].Real World Scale Model.Package...
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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber photorealistic 3D polygonal model. Max and STL print ready.4096x4096 Textures (diffuse, normal, specular) and materials included.Non overlapping unwrapped UVsAll parts are STILL EDITABLE, changing meshsmooth iterations this model become suitable for every kind of needs: realistic animations and tatic renders.OTHER FORMATS:STL closed...
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Creature Head Sculpture
This is a printable creature head sculpture.- Hollow model to keep the printing cost low- Completely watertight mesh- No pseudo surfaces- Minimum wall thickness > 1.0 mm- File size < 64 MB- Poly-count < 1 milSince the model is hollow, it needs two surfaces to hold the wall thickness. This increases the polycount but keeps the printing...
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