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Figurine Bust
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a bust version of the figurine that's available from here www.shapeways.com/model/164604/ (this link has more pretty pictures too). You can also get this version at www.shapeways.com/model/191205/.It's about 9cm high.======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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Fitness woman bust
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A bust of athletic woman with visibles muscles.The photos taken are from the first stl version.There was some errors in holding the plate at the bottom of the breasts (has you can see on the photos).That's why I change the chest (enhance the breasts) to facilitate...
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Bust of Abraham Lincoln
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Captured a few models using 123D Catch from my local library to use as demo items for a 3D printing demonstration. This bust was on display at the library at the time.Tibor PerenyiAbraham Lincoln, 1968Sculpture - Ceramic22h x 17w x 12d======== INSTRUCTIONS...
Category: ART / Bust
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Bust of Nikola Tesla
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The piece is released under Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license. If you like my work, please consider support me on Patreon [1]. All help would be appreciated.2016/02/05: v3 released, with pupils carved in, and a slight shoulder gesture added.2016/01/20:...
Category: ART / Bust
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Kim Jong Un Statue
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Have your very own statue of the Supreme Leader to admire.
Category: ART / Bust
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Bust of Carl Sagan
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hi everyone, I just sculpted this digital bust of Carl Sagan to celebrate the sixth annual Carl Sagan day, which is on November 9th, 2014.Enjoy, and please share this to whomever you think might be interested. Thank you very much.My website: http://bit.ly/1tV7zdc [1][1]...
Category: ART / Bust
Tags: Bust
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Fit female torso 3
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Fit female torso 3If you happened to print one I'll appreciate it if you click on "I made one" and share it with me...I dont have a 3d printer and i would love to see my Things printed!Click 'Like' if you love this thing..more designs will come!...
Category: ART / Bust
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Dylan O'Brien Bust
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a gift request from a friend of a bust sculpt of Dylan O'Brien who plays as Stiles Stilinski in the Teen Wolf TV show and Thomas in Maze Runner. The final product will be hand painted.Print settings in photos: 0.2 mm layer height and a 15% layer infill on a...
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Portrait of a Man - Roman
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Great detail on this sculpture, Portrait of a Roman Man at the Walter's Art Museum in Baltimore.Captured by Todd Blatt at the Art Bytes Hackathon
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Athena Bust (Greek Statue 3D Scan)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a 3D scan of an Athena bust from the Altes Museum in Berlin.I found the file here: http://www.123dapp.com/catch/Athenea-Altes-Museum-Berlin/4186336 [1]I used MeshMixer to edit the file and make it 3D printable, it took some work but the result is nice. I deleted...
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