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UPDATED: 18/01/2017
https://twitter.com/3dYoda [1]lenght :26.69 mmwidht:  50.15 mmheight: 152.72 mm[1] https://twitter.com/3dYoda
Category: ART / Bust
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UPDATED: 24/01/2017
Buste femme
https://twitter.com/3dYoda [1]Lenght; 57.26 mmWidth: 87.10 mmheight; 57.25 mm[1] https://twitter.com/3dYoda
Category: ART / Bust
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William McKinley 3D print model
3d printable sculpture
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The Nubian Printable Bust 3D print model
The Nubian Printable Bust
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Steve Jobs bust 3D print model
The Steve Jobs bust, in memory ...
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Printable Portrait of Perikles Lowpoly Style 3D print model
Based on the Portrait of Perikles that can be found at the British museum in London, England
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Frozen Elsa Bust 3D print model
Elsa Frozen's Movie Character
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Flyman Creature Bust
More detailed and high quality version bust of my original Flyman creature which was free.Made with Zbrush 4R6.ZTL, OBJ and STL files are included.The STL and OBJ files are ready to print on your 3D printer.As this model is 3D print purposes, no textures or uv on the model.Scale of the model is 15 cm high. It can be scaled up to bigger sizes in...
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UPDATED: 17/01/2017
Dracula interprété par l'excellent Gary Oldman dans le film de Coppola sorti en 1992.
Category: ART / Bust
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UPDATED: 06/01/2017
The Masters Of Music collection.
Category: ART / Bust
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