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Nefertiti bust 3d model
The most beautiful woman of Egypt (obj file).
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UPDATED: 18/01/2017
https://twitter.com/3dYoda [1]lenght :26.69 mmwidht:  50.15 mmheight: 152.72 mm[1] https://twitter.com/3dYoda
Category: ART / Bust
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UPDATED: 21/01/2017
Buste femme
https://twitter.com/3dYoda [1]Lenght; 57.26 mmWidth: 87.10 mmheight; 57.25 mm[1] https://twitter.com/3dYoda
Category: ART / Bust
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Portrait bust of Emperor Domitian at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Domitian (r. A.D. 81-96), the third and final member of the Flavian dynasty of Roman emperors, was the younger son of Vespasian (r. A.D. 69-79) and brother of Titus (r. A.D. 78-81). Unlike his father and his brother, he was not regarded as a popular ruler and suffered damnatio memoriae [a] after his assassination. Nevertheless, several marble...
Category: ART / Bust
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Galileo Galilei at the Borghese Gardens, Italy
This object is part of "Scan The World". Scan the World is a non-profit initiative introduced by MyMiniFactory, through which we are creating a digital archive of fully 3D printable sculptures, artworks and landmarks from across the globe for the public to access for free. Scan the World is an open source, community effort, if you have...
Category: ART / Bust
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Daniele Manin at The Borghese Garden, Italy
Daniele Manin (13 May 1804 – 22 September 1857) was an Italianpatriot and statesman from Venice.[1] He is considered by many Italian historians a hero of the Italian unification (Risorgimento).
Category: ART / Bust
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Ronald Reagan  Free 3D print model
Ronald Reagan.Ronald Wilson Reagan was an American politician, commentator, and actor, who served as the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989. Prior to his presidency, he served as the 33rd Governor of California from 1967 to 1975, following a career as an actor and union leader in Hollywood.
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William McKinley 3D print model
3d printable sculpture
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Bust of a Shoemaker
Sculpture of the Bust of a Shoemaker with texture. Appropriate for decoration. The author of the original is unknown.
Category: ART / Bust
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UPDATED: 22/01/2017
Male Bust
A model of an antique male bust. This is a reproduction of antique sculpture from Greece. I don't know the original author. I have one 3D printed and I use it for decoration. Scanned via 3D scanner. No textures.
Category: ART / Bust
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