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Owl Free 3D model
Owl free 3D model
Category: ANIMALS / Owl
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Low Poly Owl Statue
A replicant of user Cushwa's "Owl Statue" in low poly.I moved the vertices at the base to ensure they all are Z-Axis zero, so it should print with a flat base.Edits were made in Blender using Decimate to achieve the desired polygon count.bySaf,editedby Tomas Oneil Zbrush
Category: ANIMALS / Owl
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Model of Owl Figurine
Model of Owl Figurine ready for 3D printing, the model is textured. 3D scanned with Artec Spider http://www.artec3d.com/ [1][1] http://www.artec3d.com/
Category: ANIMALS / Owl
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Test Owl 3D print model
A hollow owl featuring varying holes and diverse level of details to test your 3D printer performance.Dimensions (mm): 60x39x38
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Dollarama Owl
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Scanned once with the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner
Category: ANIMALS / Owl
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UPDATED: 01/03/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Bring a ?superb_owl? to your imminent tailgate party to keep the pigeons out of the chips and dip.If you print one, tweet me a photo [1] with hashtag *#superb_owl* on Super Bowl Sunday./(That's February 1, 2015 for all our international friends.)/Better yet,...
Category: ANIMALS / Owl
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UPDATED: 21/02/2017
greek Owl
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Part of my sons alephbet project.
Category: ANIMALS / Owl
Tags: greekOwl
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Front-facing Owl necklace
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Knock, knock.Who's there?Impatient owlInpatient owl...?Who!This owl prints out great as a necklace. I put a hole through the head to hang on a cord, and I twisted his head too. This bird really has her head on straight./Created by Todd/
Category: ANIMALS / Owl
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UPDATED: 17/02/2017
Mail Owl
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Remixed owl with mail bag on it's back. Gift for the lady who gave me my weekly mail.
Category: ANIMALS / Owl
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Owl Wine Bottle Stopper
Purement Anti Microbial Filament Competition
Category: ANIMALS / Owl
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