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3d Jointed Puppy Dog
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Meet Charlie, my articulated / jointed puppy that prints in one piece.Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and added Charlie to their collection. The response has been amazing and I'm so happy you guys like him.Special thanks to TobyCWood for creating a version of...
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Low Poly Labrador (Dog Statue)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This was a color 3D scan of a labrador sculpture ( [1]).I made it low poly with MeshMixer ( [2]), a free program that you can use to edit mesh files in many ways.[1][2...
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3d Jointed Puppy Dog Lying Down
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Modified position to assist with printing less support structuresjointed_dog_laying_down_reduced_fixed.stl - version that was reduced using meshlabs polygon reduction and then fixed using microsoft's model repair service: [1][1...
Category: ANIMALS / Dog
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Labrador Sculpture (Dog Statue Color 3D Scan)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a 3D scan (Artec Eva) of a sculpture of a Labrador.There is a color PLY model, an original size STL and a smaller STL model.I edited the model in some areas, oriented it an made a flat base.The original is here: [1][1] http...
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Labrador With Puppy (Dog Statue 3D Scan)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a 3d scanned labrador with puppy sculpture. It was scanned with the Artec MH 3d scanner.
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======== SUMMARY =============================================================Stylized Pug Dog for pug fans, kids and for those who like to paint their own miniatures.Figure in pictures shown is 20.36 mm x 50.55 mm x 41.77 mm in a silver PLA. Printed with layer height of 0.2mm and with supports.
Category: ANIMALS / Dog
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Dog For IVO ALBERTI - KeyCreator,STL,Rhino,Parasolid,SOLIDWORKS - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD
Dog For IVO ALBERTII found this as a free model in ZBRUSH Software tool (.ztl format) .So i tweaked it a little bit & convert it to get smooth shape on cad software for share to grabcad engineer.Original model from ZBRUSH tool. Modification by me in ZBRUSH.RHINO : Convert Mesh to NURBSOLIDWORK : To convert others file.KEYSHOT for rendering.
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Rascal The Dog
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I take little credit for this cute little creature. One of my talented students, Lucie, introduced me to the Rascal she designed during a summer camp [1] I was teaching. Rascal was a big hit with everybody there. Several other campers spent a portion of their 3DBucks [2...
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UPDATED: 17/01/2017
Bust dog
======== SUMMARY =============================================================.stl file
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UPDATED: 30/12/2016
Lovey Doggy
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