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Dinosaur Free 3D model
Tyrannosaurus rex
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Dinosaur, Dinosaurs
Category: ANIMALS / Dinosaur
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Velociraptor dinosaur claw
A Velociraptor claw - scanned with DAVID-SLS1 - File size is 1:1
Category: ANIMALS / Dinosaur
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A 3D printable Velociraptor, RAAAWWRR!
Category: ANIMALS / Dinosaur
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======== SUMMARY =============================================================Cool Low Poly Squirrel.
Category: ANIMALS / Dinosaur
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UPDATED: 18/02/2017
Tiny T-Rex
MODEL IS NOW BALANCEDCHECK OUT ILLUSTRATIONThis is a Tiny T-Rex I created based on an illustration from Jay Fleck. I'm told he's very cute, but he is also very head heavy so you have to stick him to the ground or print two and let their heads hold each other up.THANKS FOR THE IDEA FOR BALANCING TO 3DWPhttp://www.thingiverse.com/groups/...
Category: ANIMALS / Dinosaur
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Dual Rex  Dual Extrusion T-Rex Free 3D print model
This is my entry for the T-Rex mix, I have a couple others I am putting up also, this is the first one that finished printing, no particular hiccups to report, pretty straight forward dual extrusion. I have included all the pieces and also pre-made thing files. If you open the pieces seperately, simply keep position on all of them and them move...
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T-Rex Key Hanger Free 3D print model
A remix of MacGyvers T-Rex Head.The hands are turned upside down so things can be hung from them!!Mind Blown!I added 2 files, one file has one loop and the other has two loops.I noticed that with one loop the hanger can tend to rotate but with two loops it does better.
Category: ANIMALS / Dinosaur
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T-Rex Hell Hound remix Free 3D print model
I sculpted a new skull ontop the old one, Massive Fangs, cutaways for the bottom jaw fang clearance, added some horns on the chin, some up top. also found some cavities, so I removed those teeth.
Category: ANIMALS / Dinosaur
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Stegosaurus 3D print model
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