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Elephant holder 3d model
Original elephant phone stand (stl file).
Category: ANIMALS / Elephant
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The spider with long legs 3d model
A simple model of the poisonous spider (stl file).
Category: none
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Elephant keychain 3d model
Beautiful keychain with elephant (stl file).
Category: ANIMALS / Elephant
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Little elephant 3d model
A small toy for your child (stl file).
Category: ANIMALS / Elephant
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Lucky elephant 3d model
Symbol of luck (stl file).
Category: ANIMALS / Elephant
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Low Poly Elephant
3d printable model, easy 3d printing at home.Suggested materials: plastics, metalsSuggested settings:Layer height: 0.1 mmInfill: 100 %
Category: ANIMALS / Elephant
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UPDATED: 25/02/2017
elephant in cinema 4d modeling. here is stl and obj file . thx
Category: ANIMALS / Elephant
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Elephant Rigged For Maya
A highly detailed photorealistic elephant rigged in Maya 2014 with native Maya files available for Arnold renderer and Mental Ray renderer.- A very accurate rig setup. Maya muscles, cloth and Pose Deformer used for better skin deformation. Pose Deformer is a free Maya plugin you can download from web for all different versions of Maya and...
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A 3D printable Velociraptor, RAAAWWRR!
Category: ANIMALS / Dinosaur
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Velociraptor dinosaur claw
A Velociraptor claw - scanned with DAVID-SLS1 - File size is 1:1
Category: ANIMALS / Dinosaur
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