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EZ-Build 3D printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This low budget, easy to assemble printer uses as many printed parts in all places except forfor the main structure. The use of 20 MM T-slot framing ensures a rigid and sound basis required for making good prints.Keeping in the RepRap fashion, the EZ-Build 3D printer can...
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Yuxel 3D Printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Material List:Shafts and Bearings• 330mm 8mm Shaft X 2• 350mm 8mm Shaft X 2• 280mm 6mm Shaft X 1• 275mm 6mm Shaft X 1• 335mm 12mm Shaft X 2• 300MM T8 Lead Screw X 1• LMEK12UU X 2• 688zz...
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Simple Delta 3D Printer Enclosure
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Simple Delta 3D Printer EnclosureThis design uses common components from Home Depot or similar. Notches are cut out in the plastic and acrylic sheet to secure the sheeting in place. A roll of 2" nylon tape can be used to seal up the enclosure. A Dremel was used to...
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Ultimaker 2 Extended Aluminum Extrusion 3D Printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Disclaimer: The "Ultimaker 2 Extended Aluminum Extrusion 3D Printer" is based on the "Ultimaker 2 Aluminum Extrusion 3D Printer" which is designed by Jason a software architect from Austin, Texas, also known as jasonatepaint in the Thingiverse...
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LeXY - Core XY 3D printer - Laser engraver
======== SUMMARY =============================================================LeXY is a 3D Printer, with the ability to exchange the extruder with a 2W Laser module. I'm working in this project since late 2014, and now, after several trial and error tests, I think that the reliability reached the desired level... I will maintain the "...
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M Prime One 3D printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================M Prime One is an open 3D printer intended to be simple, low-cost and easy to build and use.With the M Prime One, we have designed a 3D printer focusing on three main points: * *Free design*. The printer have been designed from scratch in a free 3D software: FreeCAD....
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gMax 1.0 3D Printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hardware list below! [1]Original Credit to PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Rafts: * Doesn't Matter*Supports: * Doesn't Matter*Resolution: * 0.25*Infill: * 80%========...
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M Prime One 3D printer
The complete description, along with the BOM and the documentation can be found at [1].[1]
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CUBE -The 3D printed 3D printer Free 3D print model
This has been the ultimate project for me, and is now finally functional after 8 months of blood, sweat and ABS.It is also made on my 3d printed makerbot ( )The printer can easily get taller by adding more z-elements and replacing z lead-screws and wobble arrester bars. I would then end up with almost 800mm build hight....
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Tiny Kossel 3D printer model
I can’t afford a 3D printer so I made a microscopic one.This is a non-functioning 108mm tall model of the Kossel RepRap 3D printer. I deleted, simplified, reinforced and then shrunk all the 100’s of individual parts of the 3D printer assembly into one part.
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