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Spacer mount to fit an Octave Temperature Switch to an UP BOX or AFINIA H800 3D Printer
Spacer mount to fit an Octave Temperature Switch to an Up Box or Afinia H800 3D Printer.
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Extrusor for Deltaprinter
You only get the metal parts and ready :)
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80mm Fan Holder for 3D Printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Just simple fan holder to accelerate the cool down process of the material while printing. It fits for 5mm Lasercut wood casing (Makerbot, Flashforge, CTC etc).
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X-carriage GT2 belt for Prusa I3 parts
======== SUMMARY =============================================================x-carriage for gt2 belt for [1][1]
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Delta Printer Nozzle Fan/Blower Lüfter
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Fan for cooling the PrintObject with a Blower Fan (40mm)======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================made with sketchup 2015
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Z-coupler for printer axle
Upgrade for 3D printers.Z-coupler for 5mm stepper motor axle and 8mm Z-axle.You'll need 6x12mm M3 bolt (bolt+nut)In the image, an example mounted on 3Drag printer model
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======== SUMMARY =============================================================Delta Printer 2020 Extrusion SliderI got fed up with tweaking and replacing worn rollers.Researched and ReviewedFound sliders to be a possible solutionNo fully satisfied with the designs I foundSo this is what I designed.======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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Wire Management for V-Slot Printers (MakerFarm i3v)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Here are the parts I use to manage and hide the wires on my MakerFarm i3v printers. * The cable clips snap into the grooves of the V-Slot extrusions to hide wires inside. * The end strain relief mounts to the end of an extrusion with a 5mm screw and T-nut to provide...
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My 3d printer x - axis
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This file is beta version of my NEO printer. Axis mororing horisontal? and after u use unly one part. Right, top and bottom are flat for printer calibrating.
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E3D v6 hotend complete mount (with groove) for Kossel mini 3D printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is my complete Kossel mini mount for the E3D-v6 hotend.I've used as a ispiration the following things: [1] and [2]Printed in PLA, no single issue till now
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